4 life-changing lipstick hacks to give you the perfect pout every time

There's no makeup product we love more than lipstick, and so it's only fair that we share with you our favourite hacks to help you achieve the perfect pout so you don’t have to worry about lipstick teeth or your favourite shade of red lipstick bleeding into your fine lines ever again.

Lipstick is a staple to any make-up routine. Even if you don’t fancy doing a full beat with foundation and eye shadow, throwing on some mascara and lipstick really is a saving grace to make you look, and feel, more put together. 

We’ve seen many lipstick trends come and go, from foundation lips to Kylie Jenner’s matte looks, but whether you’re more of a red lip wearer or a nude gloss lover, these hacks will come in super handy to elevate your lips and give you the flawless lips you’re after. 

Check them out below:

No more lipstick on your teeth

There’s nothing worse than speaking to people, having a laugh and then later on that day realising you’re had lipstick on your teeth the whole time. To counteract that happening again, the next time you finish putting on your favourite lipstick, make an ‘O’ shape with your mouth, put your CLEAN index finger or thumb into it and close your lips down on your finger. 

Slowly pull your finger out of your mouth and any excess lipstick that would’ve ruined your teeth is now on your finger! Now you don’t need to worry about your pearly whites being covered in your favourite lipstick ever again.

Stop lipstick bleeding into your lines 

Liquid lipsticks are many people’s go-to lipsticks of choice, but putting them on is not always easy, especially if you’re going for a darker colour because any mistakes show up so clearly.

The best way to stop lipstick bleeding into any lines around your mouth is to use a slightly warmed-up lip liner before putting on your lipstick. Rub the top of your lip liner between your fingers for a few seconds to soften the pencil and ensure you can glide it on easier to mark your outline.

An extra tip to help get that sharp lipstick look is to use concealer and an angled brush to go around the edges of your lips after you’re finished so no colour will escape and make their way into any fine lines.


Trying to put lipstick on an uneven surface is not an easy task. We’ve all put so much time and effort into our skincare routines but often forget about our lips as part of that. 

This is why we need to remember to exfoliate our lips so we have an even base to apply lipstick to. You can go out and buy lip scrubs but using a toothbrush or clean spoolie work just as well. You can DIY your own scrub either with sugar and honey. 

Set your lipstick

If you need your lipstick to last all day or are the kind of person to forget to pack your lipstick in your bag, then this hack is a game changer. 

After you’ve applied your lipstick, hold a tissue against your lips and lightly dust with translucent setting powder and a fluffy brush. Take the tissue away and apply another layer of your lipstick.

The tissue is used so not too much powder attaches itself to your lips. Using this hack will add extra hours to your wearing time.