40 beautiful A baby names that would be wonderful for your April arrival

Are you expecting a little one this month?

April is truly in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Although its weather certainly has its twists and turns, the spring season really is one of our favourites.

Spring always fills us with joy, with its symbols of freshness and new life… and nothing signals this more than welcoming a newborn into the world!

If you’re anticipating welcoming a brand-new little baby into the world this month, then you might still be on the hunt for the perfect name for your incoming arrival.

If you’re feeling stuck for inspiration, then why not look to April itself for ideas? Below, we have devised a list of 40 gorgeous baby names, all beginning with the letter 'A'.

Of course, we would be silly not to include April itself as an option, but if it’s not your cup of tea, there are still 39 other stunning names to browse through! Take a look below:

For the girls…

1. April

2. Annie

3. Amelia

4. Anna

5. Aster

6. Angelina

7. Anthea

8. Amelie

9. Alexandra

10. Alessia

11. Anita

12. Andrea

13. Ashley

14. Aria

15. Addison

16. Aurora

17. Adeline

18. Aubrey

19. Ava

20. Alison

And for the boys…

1. Aaron

2. Adam

3. Aiden

4. Alexander

5. Antonio

6. Austin

7. Ashton

8. Arthur

9. Anthony

10. Archer

11. Andrew

12. Adrian

13. Alfie

14. Alvin

15. Axel

16. Augustus

17. Arlo

18. August

19. Atticus

20. Abel