Before your baby is born, you wonder lots of things. What they will look like, who they will look like! Boy or Girl? And more importantly, will I be a good parent? 


1. The cuddles! Lots and lots of unconditional, snuggly, loving hugs with tiny arms around your neck and pudgy cheeks up against yours...the very best! 


2. Seeing your small person running around, playing, jumping, living life the carefree way! Who knew your heart could be literally running around outside your body one day?!


3. Hearing them say "Mama" for the very first time. A proud moment that makes you burst with love and pride. A literal lump in your throat that someone has the most epic name for you that you've ever had.


4. You're never alone, like ever! We all need our me time, that's a given! But is there anything better than having nothing to do of a night other than have one on one time watching a magical movie you grew up with while having company throughout it all? Let alone any other day when you have to face the world when you really don't feel like it, your baby is always there with you throughout it all. Worth remembering if you are ever having a down day!


5. Having a friend for life. I know some may say you can't be friends with your children, but I don't tend to agree. You will always be their parent, nothing can change that but having a loving, natural bond with your little person will ensure you will always have someone who has your back in years to come. 



What about you? What's the best moment of motherhood in your experience? 


Rachael enjoys personal blogging about her new journey as a mother and all things random in between.
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