If you’ve ever struggled to lift a slippery baby from the bath and into a small towel, you’ll appreciate just what a juggling act it can be!


However, bathing your baby is meant to be a pleasurable, bonding experience, not a chore or a stressful few hours.


To help make it a lot safer and easier on all involved, here are some really good tips:


1. Invest in a good quality baby towel

Cuddledry’s unique apron design keeps you dry and leaves both hands free for safer lifting, making bath time easier and more enjoyable for you and your baby. Made with ethically sourced cotton and natural bamboo fibre, the Cuddledry is silky soft and super warm – ideal for snuggling and cuddling your little one dry. Cuddledry have teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to create this spectacular design for their must-have bamboo cotton baby and toddler towels, with money from each sale going to help conserve this beautiful animal. African animals are not left out either, as sales of the ever-popular giraffe print products also contribute to WWF projects. PURRFECT!



2. Use a rubber mat

The bathroom floor can get really slippery lifting a baby up out of the water, so place a rubber mat on the ground where you will be standing. If you don’t have a bath chair for your little one, do pop a rubber mat in the actual tub to stop them slipping under the water.



3. Don’t let the water get too hot or too cold

Do test the temperature before you put your baby in, and keep checking it while they are in the water. Your little one can get third-degree burns if the water reaches 60°C, and can very quickly get a chill – so ensure the bathroom is nice and warm.



4. Have everything ready

Have the towel to hand so you don’t have to go rooting around for it after you’ve taken your little one out. Make sure the room where you are going to dress them is warm, and have their nappy and clothes ready to go.




5. It doesn’t have to be a bath

If you don’t feel comfortable washing your baby in a bath, you can always pop them in the sink or even a basin of water. Sometimes, the smaller the tub the easier it is for you to handle. You only need about two to three inches of water, but do pour it over their back and stomach to ensure they don’t get cold.