6 facts about September babies that make them even sweeter

We cannot believe September is upon us already. This has been an… unusual summer to say the least and the next season of this new world is just beginning. We know that further challenges await us all, however, bring a baby into the world will always remain a hopeful gift full of love. Here are six interesting facts about September babies that make them even sweeter!

They might be born early

The National Academy of Science recently published research indicating that Autumn babies tend to come a little earlier than those born in spring or summer. This is good news for many, as the last trimester can be a little uncomfortable.

School won’t be a problem for them

This fun fact about those born at the beginning of Autumn was recently confirmed in a study and will be unsurprising. The reason is pretty straight forward. Mums of September-born kids often choose to put off starting school for a year. This generally gives them a slight advantage as they are usually going-on-six when starting school.

They will be on their best behaviour… most of the time

It seems compliance and obedience are on the cards for kids born in September. This logic follows from their tendency to start school at the end of their 5th year, rather than at the beginning. According to the same study, your average September baba has no problem following the rules when it comes to both school and life in general. This compliance also makes reaching their academic goals at second and third level. The research also points out that this also decreases their chances of being in trouble with the law throughout their lives.

Your little angel will be average as can be

A UK Biobank study shows that babies born in summer are the biggest on average, while winter babies tend to be the smallest. It states that September babies grow at an average rate, maintain an average weight and be average in height. This is interesting for us parents. It also makes it easier for those with September babies to shop as their kiddos will usually fit perfectly in their allocated size for their age.

They could be sporty

Call it sporty September, there is a pretty amazing reason for this interesting fact. A paper published by the International Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that babies born in September often have larger muscle mass. This allows them to become active sooner and get involved in sport from an earlier age than smaller kids. This is great news for mums and dads of those born in September, as being good at sport makes it easier to stay motivated when it comes to keeping active.

They might live to be a hundred

What a super fact about September born babies! According to the Journal of Ageing Research, those born in the autumn are more likely to live longer than those born at other times of the year. This might be because September babies protected through their first winter by their mum’s milk which is full of immunity and nutrients.

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