Time with your little ones can fly. Your baby maybe staying in one place for now, but before you know it, you won’t be able to keep track of their movements. Here are some things that are a little easier to do with your little one, before they start to take those big steps.
Some parents say flying with babies can be difficult, as the air pressure can cause them to become irritable. But you should take full advantage of your baby’s lack of mobility, before you know it, your little one will be keen to get off your lap and start wandering up and down the cabin. It is also to your advantage that most tots under two can fly considerably cheaper, than those under 11.
Going for walks with your little one can be a lot easier, as your baby will be content staying in their stroller. But once your little one wants to start to walk on their own, it can become a little harder to keep them buckled up.
Mom time
Before they start taking those leaps around the house, it is easy to schedule some necessary me time around your baby’s naps. But once your little one is running all over the place, their naps will become less frequent and it will be harder to have some much needed mum time.
Day at the beach
Whats the difference between carrying your baby around a beach to watching your little one walk on the sand? Well, it can be less stress free for mum and dad. Parents can usually chill and relax at the beach, as they will be to keep their child in one place. But once they start moving, you will be chasing your tot all over the place.
Baby proof house
If you have been putting off baby proofing your house, it will become unavoidable once your little one starts rolling, never mind walking. So make sure, that your house is baby proof to avoid any unnecessary accidents.
Time with friends
Meeting with friends can become much harder when your baby arrives and can be even more difficult, once your little one starts to move. At least with your baby’s lack of mobility, you don’t have to worry about your tot wandering off, while you’re in a middle of a catch up with friends.