Being a first-time mum is a beautiful yet terrifying and overwhelming time.


From not knowing why Baby is crying to trying to figure out the trick for changing their nappy without getting poo everywhere, it is not surprising that sometimes we can forget the most basic of things. 


Considering most new mums are working off very little sleep, the following list will help make your job that little less worrying. 


1. Remember to always support your newborn’s head and neck

They aren’t strong enough to support it themselves and you should always cradle it when holding them or laying them down.


2. Wash your hands before handling Baby

While we’re not suggesting that you would go near your baby with dirty hands, newborns don’t have a strong immune system and are susceptible to infection.



3. Always make sure they are securely fastened in

Whether it’s in their buggy, car seat or carrier always double-check that the straps are comfortably fastened, and that your little one can’t fall out.


4. Avoid nappy rash by changing their diaper regularly

And always change them as soon as they have a bowel movement.


5. Keep their belly button clean 

Stop their belly button getting infected by ensuring the nappy doesn’t cover it and make sure it is kept clean.



6. Only give sponge baths until umbilical cord falls off

The cord should fall off after about two weeks – and if it is kept dry it will fall off faster. If it gets wet you should pat it dry very gently.


7. Don’t mess with the soft spot

The soft spot at the top of Baby’s head, known as the fontanelle, allows them to manoeuvre through the birth canal. However, while it is okay to touch it very gently you shouldn’t poke or prod it.


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