Babies are not all sweet smiles and lovable hugs, they can unintentionally inflict pain on you, a number of times a day, and if you have an infant in the house you will know all about it.


While they don't actually know that they are hurting you, there are a few things your little one no doubt does that causes you to yelp out in pain.


Pull hair out of your head

Hair seems to fascinate our youngster which is probably the reason why so many of us get the ‘mum cut’ - a nice short style that little fingers can’t reach or tug at.


Head butt you in the nose

While this one is pretty sore for your baby, when it happens to be right on our nose it takes an awful lot of willpower not to burst out crying. A lot of willpower.


Pinch your face, really, really hard

For the first couple of seconds this isn’t too bad... it’s when they cling on in their vice grip that the pain really starts. Ouch.  


Scratch your eye

Not above your eye, not under it or on the lid, but your actual eye. Babies have really sharp nails and if you’re not ready to protect yourself, they can get their finger right onto your eye.


Poke you in the eye. Right in the centre.

While not as bad as the eye scratch, this one can leave you with tears streaming down your face, and no it’s not because you are crying.


Bite you

Without teeth it’s not too bad. With teeth it’s horrendous. Those bite marks can mark your skin for a long, long time. Not a good look if you are heading to an important work meeting.


Scratch you

Again those pesky nails have us ducking for cover. This time, while not directly in your eye, a scratch on your face or neck or arm or anywhere really, really stings. 


Pull your earrings out

Like the short ‘mum cut’ hairstyle we favour to protect our tresses from little hands, we have stopped wearing long earrings to protect our ears. 


And we absolutely love them for it!