They may look VERY different but there are a lot more similarities between babies and teenagers than you probably ever thought! 


From how they act to how they communicate, you'll be surprised just how alike they are...


1. They cry when they’re hungry

Well, teenagers tend to moan more than cry but it's kind of the same thing! 


2. They sleep all day and are awake all night

At least you don't have to pull your baby out of bed for school...



3. They only wear the best of clothes

Given as gifts from family and friends when babies; bought by you when they’re teens. 


4. You don’t have a clue what they’re thinking

They just have a 'look' that you can't quite figure out...



5. They need to have a close eye kept on them

In case they roll off the bed (for babies) or go off the rails (for teens)...


6. They can’t go anywhere without needing a suitcase of ‘essentials’

And at least FIVE changes of clothes 



7. They have a particular scent

Babies have a nice one, teenagers not so much


8. They expect you to know what they want without saying anything

Not even a grunt...



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