9 handy, QUICK tips for relieving teething pain
Teething is no fun for our little ones.
All of a sudden they’re experiencing a pain and discomfort they just don’t understand – and our hearts go out to them.
So, of course, we’re always looking for handy, practical tips that actually work, to help relieve the symptoms of teething, like sore gums, irritation and fever.
With that in mind we’ve compiled some helpful, quick-fire tips for you to draw on when your baby is in need of relief and comfort:
Try a frozen banana – pop a banana in the freezer for a couple of hours and give it to baby to nibble on. The chilled banana will help cool sore, red gums and they’ll love the sweet ice-cream-like taste.
Freeze a cloth – wet and freeze a clean dishcloth for baby to suck and chew. It will help numb those sore, red gums. For a hidden treat, you could even try it with some fruit purée in the middle before you freeze it.
Try to relax – babies can pick up on upset and anxiety, so do your best to remain as calm as possible. You need to look after yourself too, so have a cup of herbal tea or take some time out.
Try a teething feeder – these mesh contraptions are so handy. Pop in some frozen vegetables or fruit and they can suck away at it. It’s a safe and mess-free way to soothe sore gums, while it also exposes your baby to new foods and flavours
Give them a cold carrot – a cold carrot is a great alternative to a teething ring. They’re easy to hold, on the sweeter side of veg and last ages. If you’re worried about a smaller child choking, pop it into the teething feeder.
Wipe their mouths – babies usually dribble more when they’re teething, so to prevent teething rashes, gently wipe this moisture from their mouth and cheeks regularly
Rub your baby’s gums – rubbing a clean finger around your child’s gums can be soothing. Just be tentative and gentle; you’ll know if it’s helping them or not pretty quickly
Give them plenty of cuddles – being held by mum will help soothe and comfort them, so keep the hugs, kisses and cuddles coming.
Distract them – distraction techniques will take their mind off the pain, whether that’s crooning to them, playing with toys or taking them outside for a quick walk.
Teething can be a painful experience for your little one despite your best efforts! One other option to help to reduce teething pain is to try a paracetamol-based medicine. CALPOL® Infant Suspension can be used for most babies from 2 months*.
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