9-year-old boy in coma after being trampled on at Travis Scott’s Astroworld

It has been reported that a nine-year-old boy is in a medically-induced coma following the horrific crowd surge at Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert which has now left eight people dead.

50,000 people attended the highly anticipated music festival which took place this past weekend. During the show, crowds began to surge towards the stage causing people to suffocate, pass out and get trampled on.

As reported by ABC 13 Houston and the Houston Chronicle, nine-year-old Ezra Bluont was on his dad Treston’s shoulders when the crowd surge occurred. However, Ezra fell to the ground and was trampled on when his father passed out due to the mounting pressure.

Ezra’s grandfather, Bernon Blount told the outlet that by the time Treston finally came to, his son had already been taken to the hospital. Ezra’s family explained that all of the young boy’s organs are damaged, and he currently has brain swelling, which had gotten “progressively worse” by Monday.

Questioning how this tragic mass casualty could have occurred, Bernon said, “I guess my biggest thing is, how could this happen in the city of Houston? You know, when we go to concerts and different events, we expect safety and security. And all the videos I've seen, I didn't see any security. I saw very little security.”

“I just think there should be some accountability, cause for my grandson to end up the way he did, something terrible happened. He's a small, innocent child, he didn't deserve that. He didn't deserve it at all,” Ezra's grandfather said to the outlet.

“He's just coming into town to see one of his favourite artists, and to be trampled like that, and really left in the hospital with no one knowing where he was, that's heartbreaking,” he continued. 

Since the harrowing event, there have been several lawsuits made against both Travis Scott and Drake who also performed at the concert. 

The investigation is currently ongoing.