A day out for you and your little one – what you need to pack

The initial stages of motherhood can feel incredibly overwhelming and stressful, but taking the time to truly bond with your baby is crucial for both mother and baby. A great way to do this is by taking them out for the day and allowing your inner child to come out to play too!

While taking your baby out for the first few times on your own seems daunting at first, the below checklist will put your mind at ease knowing you’re prepared for any scenario and ready for play!

Make a plan

Plan where you would like to go before leaving the house. It can be as simple as the local park or your favourite café, but with a baby there may be obstacles you haven’t considered before. Whether that be a big flight of stairs that will be difficult to manage alone or a loud environment that may overwhelm your baby, thinking ahead about where to go can take the stress out of the day.

Thinking ahead about where to go can take the stress out of the day. Remember to consider if public transport is needed too.

Pack all of the essentials

It’s better to bring too much than not enough when it comes to enjoying a day out with your baby. It’s always best to bring at least one change of baby clothes, spare muslin cloths, extra pacifiers, a few toys, nappies, wipes and a feed if you’re expecting to be out for a long time.

Don’t forget to bring snacks for yourself, a drink to keep you hydrated and your phone in case of emergencies.

Feed them first

It’s helpful to feed your baby before you head out on your adventure. If you do this they will be much more content during your outing and if there's a chance they nod off, you won’t have to worry about not having fed them.

Change them before leaving

Make sure to change your baby before leaving so they have a fresh nappy for as long as possible. Using nappies that are comfortable for your baby is important to keep them happy. Pampers® Premium Protection Nappy Pants are a great choice for this as they have Pampers® Stop & Protect Pocket. This is a revolutionary pocket that sits at the back of the nappy pants in order to catch pee and liquid poo and prevent leaks travelling up the baby’s back and beyond. 

You won’t have to worry about any poonami events as the Stop & Protect Pocket is great for preventing them from happening. Their nappies are made with super-absorbent materials which lock away wetness. They are created with a 360-degree fit designed for no gaps, while double leg cuffs provide additional protection to help prevent leaks and keep your baby dry. 

Pampers® Premium Protection Nappy Pants with Pampers® Stop & Protect Pocket are available from S3-7 and offer an additional layer of protection at the back of the nappy to capture pee and liquid poo for up to 12h all-around leakage protection so you can enjoy your day out without feeling on edge that a poonami explosion might occur!

What to do

It's all well and good to plan on taking your baby out for the day but what could you actually do with them? Well you can walk to the local park and if there's a pond with ducks you can show your baby how to feed them and they can learn new animal sounds.

Going to the library with a baby may seem daunting but remember with Pampers® Stop & Protect Pocket, there’s minimal risk of a poonami occurring so you can browse with the peace of mind that your baby is feeling comfortable and fresh.

If you live near a beach you can go for a drive there so your baby gets more experience in the car and they can feel new textures like sand and shells.

Visit a friend. Being a mum can be isolating, especially if your friends don't have children so why not have a catch up with your pals and introduce your little one to new people.

Go to the zoo or a petting zoo. Let your baby see animals from their books in real life. With Pampers® Premium Protection Nappy Pants that have up to 12h all-around leakage protection, you can take your time and discover new sounds and animals at your ease.



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