I've been away for a girlie weekend. A weekend away in another country, away from housework, cooking and cleaning.  I've done it and you can do it too.  You don't even need to board a plane.


We had a great time. 


The Wi-Fi was terrible and the roaming on my phone intermittent at best.  This made me the most undistracted I had been for a long time.  Unable to check social media regularly, I felt lighter. My weekend consisted of watching the sunrise, coastal walks and ice creams at the amusement arcade and sports, lots of sports.  Good proper chats and belly laughs. Holding hands and doing each other's hair, bubble baths and meeting new friends.  It felt like a world away from the hustle and bustle of my normal weekend schedule; dropping and picking up from activities, food shopping and catching up on never-ending washing.


You might be wondering how I did it?  How I managed to escape without the kids clinging to me.... well the answer is, I took one!  Yes, it was a girlie weekend away with my daughter and other children and their parents for an international sports competition.  My daughter and I shared a room and it was lovely to spend that one on one time together.  (My son was getting the same one on one time with his Dad back at home, so he was not neglected either - he loved his boys weekend as well!) 



It got me thinking, how could I create that holiday feeling back at home? 


Well, I'm starting with less connectivity online.  My Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram have gone off my phone.  Yes, I felt a little sick at first, but the world is still turning.  I'm reading more, sleeping sounder and making an effort to eat healthier. Being off the grid and my girlie weekend away has helped me to refocus again on what brings me joy - spending time with my children, real quality time, listening to their day and making memories is high up on my list.


I'm keen to stop living my life on other people's terms and start living a life that I consciously choose. 


What makes you feel better?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.