I couldn't resist these watermelons when I saw them in Dunnes the other day.


Maybe I was so excited to see fresh food after the empty shelves of Storm Emma that I wanted to buy everything that didn't come with a list of ingredients, or maybe they were just too cute!


Anyway, two of them found their way into my trolley and my kitchen.


Normally, I cut a watermelon and before I can do anything with it, the kids have devoured it.


With the kids on snowman building duties, I had a couple of minutes to throw together these frozen yoghurt watermelon slices.



Easy peasy and a great way to get the kids eating natural yoghurt and fruit.


They got the thumbs up from the kids so that's a win in my book!



1 watermelon (whatever size you can get!)


1/2 tub natural yoghurt (this is how much I used for my small watermelon - double it for a normal sized watermelon)


1 tsp good quality vanilla essence (double for larger fruit)


2 tsp good quality maple syrup (again double depending on size of watermelon)



  • Slice your watermelon (I cut mine in triangles) and set aside.
  • In a separate bowl mix yoghurt, vanilla and maple syrup.
  • Spread the yoghurt mixture on one side of the watermelon. I threw some coconut and cacao nibs on the top.
  • Then into the freezer for a couple of hours (I did struggle with fitting them in among my stash of storm supplies!).

Couldn't be easier!


Serve after dinner, for breakfast, after school, whenever you wish..... enjoy!

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As a mum of 3, I know how difficult, challenging and difficult (worth saying twice!) it can be, feeding them a healthy, balanced diet. A couple of years ago, I left my full-time job and retrained as a Health and Nutrition Coach - much to the disgust of my children. My goal is to teach children about the joys of healthy eating (so yes, I know how difficult it is!) through my business, The Cool Food School (www.thecoolfoodschool.ie). I also like to run, drink coffee and ignore the housework.

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