First off, can we all just take a minute to mourn that we will now NEVER get the chance to marry Prince Harry and become the princess we have always dreamt of..


Now, I don’t normally write soppy stuff, but this is a little self-appreciation blog. On all levels of social media, I see people writing how unhappy they are, or what their men don’t do for them. I, 99.5% of the time, think I’ve struck gold with Dan. Don’t get me wrong, he can be a ***k head, and so can I, but we can’t all be perfect can we?


He works hard to give us a lovely house, a lovely car, we hardly ever want for anything. He is a wonderful partner and a fantastic dad. I sometimes feel that I’m being selfish for having an amazing partner. Amongst some of my friends, he is known as Saint Dan – The man who does no wrong (trust me, he isn’t a saint).


We have rocky patches, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t, but we don’t hold grudges. We talk about it, apologise if need be and move on. Life is too short to bicker.


A few of my friends haven’t had a lie in since becoming parents because their husbands think they don’t deserve them because they don’t work. I don’t work outside the home, but at least once or twice a month I get a lie in, I don’t have to ask. Y, s I’m a stay at home mum, but that doesn’t mean I don’t do anything all day. Somedays I would rather be a work than at home with two kids who don’t listen to a word I say and destroy my house.


When he gets home late, and the kids are a bed, he goes upstairs and kisses them goodnight. I couldn’t think of anything worse than going to work while their asleep and coming home to them asleep. I take that bit for granted.


If I’m ill, and he can help, I don’t have to lift a finger. He helps around the house, cooks, cleans, washes, and manages to keep the kids alive. I can be a bit of a brat sometimes, and I take my hat off to him because I don’t think I could put up with me, but then again, people couldn’t put up with him.


I really do believe you end up with who you are meant to be with, your soulmate. I met Dan seven years ago, I wasn’t in a good place in my relationship and I found it easy to talk to someone I hardly knew about my problems. We became friends, and I know it’s easy to say because I found it, but I think that’s an added bonus if you are good friends before.


We had only been together two years when I fell pregnant with Kellan, two years, that’s not long to be settling down and planning a family. We were still getting to know each other, there was so much we wanted to know and learn. We wanted to travel, buy a house, get married before kids even crossed our minds. But these things you have no control over sometimes, but, if we had the chance, we would do it all again, exactly the same way.


I am very lucky to have met him, and next year, I get to marry him. Which is amazing. Obviously.


So to all the other mama’s who have hardworking, adorable, not afraid to help partners –  here’s to us. Our supermen. Our princes. Our soulmates… who needs Prince Harry?


(who am I kidding, still sad about Prince Harry..)

Stay at home mummy of two boys aged four and two. Wife to be. I'm a coffee lover and Disney fanatic just trying my best at parenting.

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