Just stop.


Yes, life is short and we know we don't want to miss a thing, but at the end of the day if we sleep when the baby sleeps and abandon the dishes every time we feel overwhelmed NOTHING would get done. 


The reason life ticks on in our house is because I don't let the laundry wait.


I can't. 


People are kind. They want you to know that they have your back and that sometimes you can simply step away from the mess and snuggle on the couch with your little ones for half an hour. I did this when they were newborns. I dozed and fed and watched box-sets and watched other people cook for me and it was bliss.


But that isn't real life -  and now, (with three children under 6) if I decided to leave the laundry and play instead, my life would be one big ball of chaos.


Well, a bigger ball. 



Motherhood is the best and most intense job in the world.


Mums are master multitasking superheroes, doing everything from making mincemeat interesting to finding the other sock. But we are also chief knee-kissers, explainer of dreams and keeper of treats.


It is hard-core. 


Another lie you get told before you start this job include 'they will sleep through the night eventually.'


Really? Because I'm six years in and get woken at least once a night to soothe bad dreams, get a drink, visit the bathroom, adjust the night light and chase away monsters. 


And newsflash...there is no glow with pregnancy.


Then those little scamps start lying to you too: "Yes, I washed my hands; No, I don't need to pee; Uh-uh, I didn't hit my brother."


But I am not innocent either:  The park is closed for spring cleaning; Santa is listening; You'll get square eyes from watching TV.


Square eyes? Who even came up with that?


But it's ok because their laugh is your reason for being, their safety is your priority and their security your lifeblood. 


Motherhood is built on falsehoods because you want to protect them, and others want to protect you.


Protect you from the big, beautiful mess that is motherhood - and all its glorious, vicious lies. 


Now, I'm off to help my son search for that chocolate that I ate last night.


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