Considering she is going to be one of your greatest loves, why not give your baby daughter a name that expresses just how much she means to you?


No only will you melt hearts when you explain the meaning of your baby girl's name, but it will also be a constant reminder to her about how you feel. 


The names we have chosen range from very unique to the more traditional, everyday types, so you have plenty of  choice to help you on your baby naming quest. 


1. Aiko – meaning little loved one


2. Amanda – meaning one who is worthy of love


3. Amorette – meaning little love


4. Carys – meaning love


5. Cassandra – meaning love



6. Cher – meaning beloved


7. Darlene – meaning tenderly love


8. Esme – meaning beloved


9. Femi – meaning love


10. Fikre – my love


11. Grainne – meaning charming love


12. Ishtar – the Babylonian goddess of love


13. Kalila – meaning dearly loved


14. Karissa – meaning love, grace



15. Luvina – meaning little beloved one


16. Maitea – meaning love


17. Narcissus – meaning self-love


18. Phila – meaning love


19. Priya – meaning beloved


20. Rudo – meaning love


21. Suki – meaning loved one


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