Why, oh why, does tea and toast make us feel so much better? Is it just me? What’s the first thing they give you after giving birth? Tea and bloody toast! and, let's be honest, it’s the bloody best tea and toast you have ever eaten!


I have just had some and after three exhausting nights with Kellan, it was needed, except I switched the tea for coffee as I just didn’t think tea was going to cut it this morning. Dan has set me strict dieting and exercising tips as I need to motivation, obviously, the thought of having to get into my wedding dress isn’t enough for me. He said no sugar and milk in your tea or coffee, well sorry Daniel, but I have a wonderful milky coffee with a massive teaspoon worth of sugar. Mama needs it.


First off, we are super proud of our Grayson. He is absolutely smashing his potty training. A couple of weeks back you will remember me saying he decided to go on the loo before the bath all by himself. I didn’t push him after this as I learned this was not the way to do it when I was going through this with Kellan. A few days after this, he stripped off naked and went on his potty, we are now two weeks in and the kid hasn’t looked back. We had a few accidents while he was at pre-school, but apart from that, the kid goes on the potty/toilet whenever he needs to. He even poos fine! Even his pre-school teachers are amazed at how well and quickly he has picked this up. His not had an accident in a week, a week after deciding to go on the potty! I am just so so proud of him, he really is growing up. It’s annoying as two days before he decided to venture to the potty I bought a bulk of nappies for £10. These nappies haven’t even been used. Typical! His even dry at night - he wakes up first thing and asks to go wee. Grayson really is smashing it, I am just so, so proud.


Now, this is where I need help. My darling 4-year-old has decided that sleep is overrated. (Don’t worry, I am remembering all of this, so when he comes home drunk at 18, I will be climbing into his bed and waking him up throughout the night and finally, at 5am).


He has always been the worst sleeper out of my two. He didn’t sleep through until he was about 20-21 months when his little brother came along. He finds it hard to settle, he fidgets, he has bad dreams, and recently, we think his having night terrors. Now we try our hardest to let him have his calm time before bed, and strictly no tablets or TV programmes or films that will trigger his over sensitive and imaginative mind. He wakes up screaming and crying and we just can’t seem to bring him out of this state. Once he's calmed down he falls back to sleep peacefully and forgets what has happened. The past two nights he hasn’t had night terrors, he has just been up, every single hour. He comes walking down the hallway, wide awake and getting into our bed. Mombie gets up and puts him back and tells him he has to stay in his own bed, we then have tears. This has been repeated about 20 times in the last two days, and to be honest, I am exhausted.


He has a very overactive mind, and once over stimulated we seem to struggle to get him settled. I just need some advice, as I can’t have another night of bad sleep. I still have two school runs before half term (It can’t come soon enough) – so please, mums, dads – hit me with your suggestions. Kellan has his first dentist work tonight as he has a hole in his tooth. This is the kid who hardly has sweets, he doesn’t have juice (unless it’s a treat) and only has water. So please, keep me in your thoughts while the dentist is trying to put all sorts of metal objects in his mouth.


Stay at home mummy of two boys aged four and two. Wife to be. I'm a coffee lover and Disney fanatic just trying my best at parenting.

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