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As a mother, how do I choose the right baby carrier?

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When choosing a baby carrier, you need to take both you comfort and that of your baby's into consideration. Baby carriers have a lot of straps, locking devices and harnesses to tighten to secure your child. Shop around and try on different makes and types of carrier to find one that fits well and is easy to operate. Early pregnancy is a good time to fit baby carriers. If you are shopping for one during late pregnancy, then let your partner try it on to check for carrying comfort. Shopping for a baby carrier while your child is with you is a good way to check that everything fits both of you well. Make sure that the necessary adjustments can be made so that your child is happy about being carried around in the new carrier.

The models with the longest use are those that can be converted into backpacks once the child is older and heavier. These can carry children up to the age of three or four years, depending on their weight and the strength of the parent.
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