When it comes to your baby’s bedtime or nap time you can never be too careful in terms of the safety precautions you need to consider.


Here are eight dos and don’ts that you should always keep in mind when it comes to putting your baby down for a sleep.



Place your baby on their back to sleep, even when it is just a short nap.

While there is no need to stop them when they start rolling over, you should still lay them on their back when you first put them down. However, this makes it more important to ensure they get plenty of tummy time when they are awake.


Put their feet at the foot of the cot

This will stop them wriggling down under the covers. You should also keep this in mind when they are sleeping in a basket or pram.


Make sure their head stays uncovered

The blanket shouldn’t be any higher than their shoulders and should be tucked in to prevent it accidently being pulled up over their head.


Use a mattress suitable for baby

Make sure the mattress is firm, flat, clean and well-fitted.



Don’t let them get too hot – so regulate their temperature accordingly

It is normal for their hands and feet to feel cool so check their tummy to see if they are too hot - it should feel warm but not hot to the touch. Try to keep the room temperature at about 18°C.


Never put the cot near a radiator or in direct sunshine

These factors can also affect their temperature and cause them to overheat.


Don’t put toys or objects into the cot with them

This includes pillows, bumpers, wedges, loose bedding and duvets as they can be dangerous.


Don’t wrap them in too many blankets

Sheets or blankets with holes work best as it is easier to stop them overheating.