Be more sustainable: Frank and Honest just launched new aluminium capsules

Coffee lovers, we've got some good news for you!

Frank and Honest is delighted to announce the launch of its new aluminium capsules marking the next step in it’s sustainable journey. The benefit of aluminium capsules is that they can be recycled after use and deliver a better quality product. These new capsules mean that all plastic has been removed from its coffee capsules. Using aluminium in capsules reduces the products environmental footprint as it’s lightweight and recyclable but it also significantly improves the quality of the coffee as it’s airtight – it keeps the ground coffee inside fresh for longer and fully protects it from moisture, oxygen, light and heat. This improves in-cup quality so your coffee always tastes amazing. The new aluminium capsules are also compatible with all generation Nespresso® machines excluding Nespresso® Vertuo.

When it comes to recycling your Frank and Honest Aluminium Capsules, there are two options:

1) DIY Method:

  • After using the capsule, leave it to cool down fully

  • Remove the lid (this can be cut off with a scissors)

  • Empty the coffee out. The grounds can go into compost/brown bin or used in your garden

  • Rinse the aluminium capsule and lid. These can go into recycling/green bin


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2) Purchase a Dualit Recycler:

  • These are simple to use and available to purchase in selected SuperValu and Centra stores. You can see how they work here.

From bean to cup, Frank and Honest’s sustainability credentials are taken into consideration and the coffee company has put processes in place to ensure it looks at sustainable optimal solutions for each stage of its coffee making journey. For more information on Frank and Honest’s sustainable solutions visit: