There is nothing that brings more excitement than the arrival of a little newborn baby.


His little wrinkled toes and gummy smile has us broodier than ever, especially during cuddles.


And while most children love the idea of being a brand new big brother or sister, sometimes it’s hard for them to adjust to their newest sibling.


Suddenly, all the adults are wrapped up in fawning over this tiny human instead of them and their attitude shifts as they feel left out.


Well, one parent has the perfect advice to address the situation and it is an absolute brilliant idea:


“If you are going to meet a friend's new baby and they already have a young child, bring a gift for the older child instead of (or in addition) to the new baby,” the mum wrote on Reddit.


“The older child often feels jealous of all the attention this new siblings is "taking" from them and this will make you their hero.”



Even if it’s something small like a teddy or chocolates from the hospital gift shop, the act of bringing a gift for them as well could make all the difference.


Her advice has already received likes from over 17,000 people as parents everywhere thanked her for the smart suggestion.


One user said: “My mom has a collection of inexpensive sticker books, coloring books and crayons and makes “Big Sibling Kits” to give to older siblings when there’s a new baby at church.


“She has a whole speech when she gives it to them about how mommy and daddy may be a little too busy to play as much, but since they’re a Big Sibling now they TOTALLY can handle this with the Super Special Kit Of Fun full of Fun Activities for Big Kids Only.”



For one sibling, the arrival of their little sister is a vivid memory even as a toddler.


“I was three when my sister was born, and I still remember that one of my parents friends brought me a new book and read it too me while everyone was crowding around my sister.


“I don't think it made me spoiled, it just made me feel like someone was paying attention to me while everything in my life was suddenly changing,” she said.


What a fantastic idea! One small gesture can brighten a child’s day.