If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, and making a new dog a part of your family, remember that puppies aren’t the only option.
There are some fantastic advantages for anyone willing to open their home to an older dog, and depending on the breed and age of the adult dog in question, there are significant benefits.
1. Established personality
One of the most helpful benefits of getting an older dog is that they have an established personality which can be lots of fun for the family. You will know if your dog is one that loves lots of petting and affection or if he/she is a dog that loves to play, snooze, go for walks, and so on. 
2. Less need for supervision
Older and more mature, calmer dogs will not need as much time and attention as a puppy.  For example, you will not have to worry as much about leaving your dog home alone while you are at work.
3. Complimentary lifestyles
You can choose an older dog whose personality is suitable to your own. Do you want a dog with a lot of energy so you can take long hikes, go bike riding and other activities that need more energy?  Or do you prefer relaxed moments, short walks and then a quiet night of TV?
4. Reduced vet bills
Adopting an adult dog from a shelter ensures they have been spayed or neutered. Also, you won’t need to bring an older dog to the vets for the many vaccinations and treatments a new puppy would need.
5. The slipper factor
You won’t have to worry about an adult dog creating havoc in your home. Older dogs have usually already gone though their destructive phase, so you will not have to worry about coming home to a mess.
6. Less soiled carpets
An adult dog does not need as many bathroom breaks as a puppy. When you get a puppy, the puppy is not house trained so you will have to take him/her out to the toilet several times a day until he/she learns to go outside on their own.  A puppy is not able to wait a long time in between using the bathroom because they won’t have much control over their bladder for a few months.
7. Easier to train
You can train adult dogs more easily than puppies. Adult dogs have a longer attention span therefore, they are easier to train than young puppies.
8. Large selection to choose from
There are more adult dogs available for adoption than puppies, as sadly, they are often in less demand than younger dogs. Therefore, you will have a lovely, wide selection of loving dogs to choose from. 
9. Kid friendly
Depending upon the breed you choose, an adult dog is often more suitable for children. Most adult dogs are not able to get hurt by a child accidentally playing too rough, and tend to be calmer and more mature than excitable puppies. 
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