Cult favourite KASH Beauty’s Luxury Brush Set & Modern Legacy Lip Kits go solo!

We all know that harrowing moment when you come to the realisation that your treasured trusty lip liner that you keep in your arsenal for those powder room touch-ups has become nothing but a distant memory. The team at KASH Beauty know this feeling all too well and following on from the incredible love shown for the Modern Legacy Lip Kits, they have decided to now make all 3 shades available as individual Lipsticks and Lipliners, meaning you will no longer have to bite the beauty bullet and purchase an entire new set when you run out of your cherished product! Not only have the Lip Kits gone solo, but you can now get your hands on the masterful core Luxury Brush Set as two! A 5 Piece Face Brush Set focusing on the perfect base and finishing touches, and a 7 Piece Eye Brush Set dedicated to assisting you in creating the eye look of your dreams, these specifics focused sets are ideal for those on-the-go moments when you don’t want to carry your entire kit in your handbag!

Injecting life and upgrading a classic look is easily accomplished by changing up your lip combo, as followers of KASH Beauty Founder Keilidh Cashell will know, as she leads with example with a phenomenal portfolio of faces. Now, with Nude Ombre, Rich Sienna, and Vintage Rose available as individuals, you can mix and match to create some modernised yet 90’s inspired tones or channel your inner vintage vixen, as well as restock that empty hole in your make up collection. The possibilities are endless with these versatile shades at your disposal. KASH Beauty’s lipsticks provide a touch of long-lasting luxury with a soft matte finish. The super-pigmented rich colours are totally buildable, making them the perfect go-to product for any occasion. The smooth and easy application of the lip liners are the perfect accompaniment and create a plump, defined lip, ensuring you stand out from the crowd!

Vintage Rose Lipstick RRP €14.95

Embrace romance with this gorgeous, rosebud pink hued lipstick. This dusty rose lip shade adds a hint of pink to your pout, creating a soft, vintage look that works perfectly for daytime and night.

Vintage Rose Lipstick

Vintage Rose Lip Liner RRP €9.95

Create new dimensions with your look by adding this pink undertone to any nude lip.

Rich Sienna Lipstick RRP €14.95

Add a sultry tone of glamour to any look with this deep, warm nude lipstick.

Rich Sienna Lipstick

Rich Sienna Lip Liner RRP €9.95

A rich, sugary, dark brown hued lip liner.

Nude Ombre Lipstick RRP €14.95

The creamy nude lipstick is the lightest in the KASH Beauty collection.

Nude Ombre Lipstick

Nude Ombre Lip Liner RRP €9.95

A slightly darker shade than its lipstick counterpart, this lip liner is excellent for creating a sultry ombré look with ease.

Now that you’ve gotten the perfect lip combo decided, the most important part of creating any face is the tools you choose to use. KASH Beauty’s Luxury Face and Eye Brush Sets have everything you need to graduate from apprentice to master. Conceptualised by Keilidh Cashell using her wealth of experience as not just Ireland’s Top Beauty Influencer, but as a Makeup Artist herself, these vegan, cruelty-free essentials will bring out the artist in any novice. Created using the latest innovation in unique synthetic fibre technology, the brushes are designed pick up and disperse product and pigment for optimum coverage and blendability, the most important qualities when longevity is top priority.

Luxury Face Brush Set RRP €44.95

Containing 5 essential brushes and stored in a luxury faux leather drawstring bag, this brush set has everything you need to create a perfectly pristine base.

  • K01 Powder brush - dome shape powder & bronzer brush to allow for precise application with even distribution.
  • K02 Foundation brush - Flat top foundation brush, packed with super soft bristles. Allows you to evenly apply and blend your products.
  • K03 Angled contour/blush brush - an angled powder brush. The perfect size & shape for adding blush or for defining your cheekbones.
  • K04 Small powder brush - small dome shape to allow for precise application of powder.
  • K05 Highlighter brush - perfect size with soft bristles for a precise application with a soft blend.

Luxury Eye Brush Set RRP €44.95

Featuring 7 top quality brushes, this collection is also stored in a luxury faux leather drawstring bag, with a brush specifically designed for every step of your eye look.

  • K06 Blending brush - for applying and blending your shadows at the same time. Super soft to allow for an even blend.
  • K07 Crease blending brush - for packing on colour and blending at the same time. Perfect for a more precise blend.
  • K08 Dome blending brush - for packing on colour a more precise, even blend. The perfect size for more detailed work, and for smaller eyes.
  • K09 Concealer brush - super flat concealer brush, suitable for more detailed work.
  • K10 Small packer brush - for packing on colour, perfect for smoking out your liner or lower lash line.
  • K11 Angled brush - small angled brush with spooly, suitable for liner + brow application.
  • K12 Small liner brush - perfect for detailed liner work.

All KASH Beauty products are available to purchase from and stockists nationwide.