Currys extends free recycling service collecting unwanted small electrical items.

Got an old small electrical appliance you want out of your home? Love someone to do all the heavy lifting and disposal work for you?

To make life easier, Currys have now launched a new, convenient service to remove and recycle your old small electrical items. The electrical giant has always offered free recycling collection of large appliances upon delivery, and is now extending this convenient recycling service to include collecting smaller electrical items. This extended service aims to reduce the amount of small electricals that end up in household bins, and to encourage people to recycle their hoarded tech at home.

If a customer has small electrical items they want to recycle – for example, kettles, toasters, or vacuum cleaners - when Currys now deliver a large appliance - they’ll take them away for recycling at the same time. This service is free, the customer just needs to ensure that the items are ready upon delivery and Currys will take them away - adding extra value to their existing home delivery and recycling services and making it easier for customers to recycle!

Jaimie Cantwell, Head of Commercial at Currys Ireland said today:

We’re delighted to extend our free recycling collection service to include small electricals. This means our customers can now safely recycle BOTH unwanted large and small electricals all from the comfort of their home.

Pictured is Jaimie Cantwell, Head of Commercial at Currys

This is the latest in a range of recycling options we currently offer at Currys, and one we think is going to be very popular with our customers. We all have old, unused electronic items lying around our houses gathering dust. Now, after ordering a new large appliance, customers can free up space in their homes by giving their smaller, old electronic items to our delivery drivers for recycling. It’s a win win for everyone!


  • 71% of people have 3 or more old, unused electronic devices in their homes.
  • 95% of people think it is important to recycle electronic items
  • Only 37% of people admit to regularly recycling old electronic items


  • Old electronics are recycled instead of ending up in landfill
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding a trip to the recycling centre
  • Get rid of unwanted small electrical clogging up cupboards, drawers, attics and garages
  • Gives customers piece of mind that their old electronic will be recycled correctly by Currys

For more information on the various recycling services offered by Currys, take a look HERE.

*Survey carried out for Currys Ireland via SurveyMonkey in May 2022