Daily care routines and sweet moments to share with your baby
Take a minute to appreciate your baby’s skin. It is not simply a protective layer. It is the medium through which they experience the world around them. Contact with the world and all it has to give, is done through your little one’s soft and perfect outer layer. It is the link to their environment, to their relationships with others and it will fulfil this purpose throughout their lives. 
That is why caring for your baby’s skin is of the utmost importance. Finding products to nurture and treat your child’s skin can be tough. However, us Mums can trust Mustela to preserve our baby’s magic link with the world. Mustela uses natural ingredients and is committed to protecting the planet that our little ones will inherit. These factors make it perfect for your child’s skin care routine.  
Skin care is not just about taking care of baby’s skin, but about creating precious moments of shared tenderness and bonding. Mustela offers a full set of specific treatments for daily care routines, to help you relax and spend quality time with your tiny human.
1. Massage
Massage is a beautiful way to stimulate your baby’s awakening to the world. Your baby will become aware of his or her body through the power of massage. You can choose to do your massage routine at any time of the day, except after a meal. However, it can also be part of bedtime or even as a reliever for wind or stomach discomfort. You could add a relaxing massage to your baby’s bedtime routine, just after a bath, to send them off to dreamland.
2. Skin hydration: turn it into playtime
Until the age of two, your child’s skin is not able to maintain an optimal level of hydration for the proper functioning of its skin cells. That is why it is important to protect it and help defend it against external stresses by hydrating it on a daily basis. Have fun with this and play games with your little squish as you moisturize his or her skin. Your baby will love the sensations and interaction that comes with this skincare routine.
3. Bath time: special moments in the water
Bath time is essential as part of your baby’s bodily hygiene routine. It is also a time to stimulate your little one’s sensory development. Spend some time together amongst the bubbles, swirling the water and allowing your baby to interact with the ripples you make. This will be quality time spent together in a warm and relaxing environment.
4. Nappy Change
Your baby needs to be changed up to 7 or 8 times a day. Their delicate little bums can get easily irritated from contact with urine, stools and nappy friction. A thorough cleaning and the application of a nappy cream are two key steps for Baby’s hygiene and well-being. For this delicate yet thorough routine, Mustela offers highly efficient, specific and high-tolerance care products:
  • The No-rinse Cleansing Water thoroughly and gently cleanses all impurities. Apply the No-rinse cleansing water with a cotton pad to clean baby’s bottom or face. No rinsing needed. Gently pat dry, paying special attention to the nappy area and skin folds.
  • The Vitamin Barrier Cream 123 is made with an exclusive recipe with patented natural active ingredients. It ensures triple efficiency on nappy area redness and irritations - even during diarrhoea and teething!
5. Daily hygiene: careful and thorough
Your baby’s skin barrier is not yet fully developed. That means that throughout the day, impurities can irritate your baby’s skin. Every day, your little one needs thorough cleansing with products that are adapted to his or her fragile skin. To help baby get used to this skin care routine, make sure you always do it at the same time of day. Trust Mustela’s specifically designed products that cater for your baby’s skin type.