The time is passing too quickly, you are growing by the day. You have outgrown countless clothes, your baby bath, Moses basket and swinging crib.



The clothes that once hung in your wardrobe, that we could never imagine you being big enough for, now fit you perfectly.



As each passing day is filled with new milestones and memories, I begin to fear that we won’t recall our first few precious weeks together, so have written this for you.



You have been with us just a short four months now. The quickest four months of our lives and yet it feels like you have forever been part of our lives.



When we first left the hospital you were so tiny, you cried whilst I tried to pack up our hospital cubby until the moment we zipped up your first outdoor coat. We needed to protect you for your first trip into the outside world.



This hospital cubby was where we spent our first few precious days together but I could not wait to introduce you to your forever home. The home that your Dad and I had spent the past nine months preparing for your arrival.




As we left the safe cocoon of the hospital behind we still could not believe you were ours. So perfect in every way our two had become three.



As we slotted your car seat in ensuring numerous times that you were secured, we set off on our journey home. I sat beside you in the back of the car asking your Dad to slow down with each twist and turn.



The days that followed had their ups and downs as we got to know each other, but here is what I have learned about you in our first few months together:



You like to have your nose rubbed as you drift off to sleep.



You love to listen to Baby Mozart. No matter what your mood is when we play this for you, it cheers you up and your tears turn to smiles.



Your face lights up when Daddy talks to you, I know there will always be a special bond between the two of you.



You have just started to try imitating. We think it’s the cutest thing we have ever seen. As your dad sticks out his tongue you wiggle your little tongue back. As I roll my lips to make funny noises, you chuckle with laughter before attempting it too.




Your favourite time of day is bath time as you kick, splash and try to catch ‘Duckie.’ The fun soon ends, you cry as soon as you are taken out of the warm water wanting your bottle straight away. Your Dad and I have both found ourselves feeding you in your vest to stop the tears before you are dressed.



As we navigate this new life together I want you to know your Dad and I will always love you. We love you more with each passing day and we can’t wait to watch our little baby grow.


Love, Mummy 

Emma Smith is a very new first-time mum whose life has changed forever. 

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