Leaving your baby for the first time to return to work or even just for a night away can be just as difficult for a new parent as it is for baby.
Most babies will suffer from separation anxiety from 6 months onwards as they become aware that they are an individual entity to their mother. This results in a fear that you won’t come back if you leave the room for a minute.
Separation anxiety is a normal part of a baby’s emotional development, but it can be difficult for you as a parent to see your baby cry and scream in fear when you leave them.
There are some things you can that will make leaving baby for work or other reasons a little easier for both of you.
They say that practice makes perfect so why not try this with your baby. Leave a room for about a minute (ensuring the room is completely safe for them to be in alone) but show baby that you always return soon afterwards.
Familiarise your baby with whoever will be looking after them with you there to begin with. It would of course be ideal to have somebody your baby is already familiar looking after them such as a relative or close friends but this isn’t always possible.
Invite your childminder to come over a little bit earlier so your baby can get comfortable with them before you have to leave.
Slowly does it
The first time you leave you baby, make sure it isn’t an overnight trip. Instead, leave your baby with their childminder for up to an hour, and then return.
You can gradually extend this time to make it easier for baby to adjust.
Getting out the door
Make sure you have everything you need before you leave the house so you won’t have to upset baby further by returning back inside. Never try to leave unnoticed – this will make baby more upset.
Give a kiss and a wave goodbye, be causal, and get out the door. Try not to appear upset yourself, although you may be of course.
After a few months, your baby’s separation anxiety should lessen and they will become more familiar with their new routine.