A US mum has filed a lawsuit against the hospital where she gave birth to her son, after a mix-up led to him being breastfed by another woman.


Tammy Van Dyke gave birth to her son, Cody, back in 2012. When the time came for her to nurse her little one, however, staff mixed him up with another newborn and handed him over to that baby's mother.


Both women discovered the gaffe shortly after and were left deeply upset; Tammy, herself, was ‘distraught’.



In the aftermath, staff at Minnesota’s Abbott Northwestern Hospital had to carry out tests on Cody for HIV and hepatitis.


Even more traumatising for Tammy, was that Cody had to have these tests repeated every three months throughout his first year.


She told local media outlet KSTP: “It was horrible. Two nurses had to go in through veins in his tiny little arms.”



While Tammy received a letter of apology from the hospital, she went on to file a lawsuit over the incident.


Tammy is seeking $50,000 in damages on the grounds that the mix-up led to ‘unnecessary medical treatment, tests and expenses, and severe mental injury and emotional pain and suffering’.


We will keep you updated on the case as more information emerges.


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