You wouldn’t think that your baby’s personality could affect their ability to get to sleep at night, but it actually does.
People are born either introverted or extroverted (or of course, somewhere in between) – it’s not something they develop over time. The amygdala is the part of the brain which is involved in how we experience emotions. Introverted people tend to have more sensitive amygdala’s than others, which means they react more to what's going on around them. So if your little one tends to cry very easily, or become overwhelmed in a room full of people, this could be why. On the other hand, if they love being social, you could have an extrovert on your hands. Here are some tips on helping each kind of personality to drift off to sleep:
Extroverted babies
  • If your little one is very extroverted, they may not be as willing to go to sleep as they’ll be so fond of being involved in any action that’s going on around them. If this is the case, try winding down an hour or two before bed time, so that when the time finally comes, it feels like a gradual descent into sleep. After all, we all need some time to wind down.
  • Hanging a mobile that plays a song over their cot isn't a bad idea – this way, your baby will be stimulated, which will keep them happy while they fall asleep. If they don’t have any stimuli, they may become bored and cranky instead of relaxed and sleepy - which is not what you want when Corrie is just about to start.
Introverted babies
  • If your baby is introverted then filling their nursery with things like musical mobiles, or filling their cot with toys may make it more difficult for them to get to sleep at night as they will be over stimulated. Try and make their nursery as calm as possible with neutral colours and less distractions.
  • Introverted babies can respond well to some quiet Baroque music. Once it’s not too loud, it can soothe them and help ease them into a peaceful sleep.
  • If your baby is an introvert, then they may dislike being left with a babysitter more than others. When it’s time for your babysitter to put them to bed, they may experience some problems. Try and get someone familiar to your baby to babysit if at all possible, or else ask your babysitter over a couple of times beforehand so that they can get to know your little one.
Almost 70% of people are a mixture of both personality types, but if you’ve noticed that your little one is distinctly one or the other, then it can be helpful to find ways of parenting that work well with their personality.