Dogs Trust preparing for increase in surrendered pets after Christmas

Getting a dog is one of the best things you can do, but it is important to remember that it comes with a host of responsibilities. Far too many people foolishly give dogs as Christmas gifts and fail to realise that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

Dogs Trust Ireland revealed that they have received a shocking 300 phone-calls from people who want to surrender pets they were given as Christmas presents.

The shocking news comes as the animal welfare charity launches its ‘Waiting For You’ campaign.

They are urging the public to adopt rather than buy a dog if they’re hoping to welcome a four-legged friend into their home.

Speaking about the influx in calls, spokesperson Becky Bercow shared: “People are calling us looking for help with behavioural problems, not knowing how much time and effort it takes to train a puppy or a dog.

"We haven't taken in dogs yet, we're still trying to help people to actually keep the dogs themselves. We would expect in the next couple of weeks, to see an influx of dogs being handed back.”

There are currently 133 dogs waiting to be adopted right now. Dogs Trust stressed that when you adopt a dog, you are helping two dogs…..the dog you adopt and the kennel space you create to save another dog.

There are so many beautiful dogs who need to be re-homed on the Dogs Trust website