Your little one may look tiny and delicate, but hours of baby carrying and swaying to sleep, along with lifting a bulky car seat and a heavy nappy bag, can really take its toll on your back. 
There's nothing you can do about the constant lifting, bending and carrying, but you can definitely take measures to ease the back ache and pains that come with being a new mum.
Invest in a good baby carrier
A good baby carrier can make all the difference in protecting your back and knees from constantly carrying your little one around. Look out for ones which are designed to transfer the baby's weight from your shoulders to your waist.
Gentle exercise
When carrying and lifting all day is workout enough, who needs exercise? But some gentle stretching in the morning can go a long way in help warm up you back and core muscles before the day really begins.
Lift with your legs
This is an age-old tip but one that we often forget to stick to as busy mums. When lifting your little one, or any of the heavier baby equipment, always bend at your knees and lift with your legs. Also, to avoid putting strain on wrists, make sure to keep them straight when lifting your baby.
Feed in a comfortable position
Those U-shaped breastfeeding pillows aren't just comfortable for the baby; they provide back and arm support for breast or bottle feeding mums. Always make sure your back is supported with the back of a chair or pillow, and use an armrest or pillow to support the arm holding your baby. Consistently feeding him or her in an unsupported position is going to cause more aches than a full night of rocking.
Be aware of your posture
With all of the extra weight you'll be carrying around, it's more important than ever to stand and sit up straight. Again, this is an classic rule, but one that often slips our minds in everyday life. If you spend a good amount of time pushing your baby’s pram or stroller around, make sure you find one with an adjustable handle to fit your particular height so you don’t have to slouch over it.