Ensure a stress-free Christmas with expert tips from Irelands top professional organisers

Ireland’s top professional organisers, Kim, and Lyn from ‘A Sorted Affair, have put their heads together to offer some game-changing tips ahead of Christmas.

Lyn explains, "It's a hectic time of year for all of us. Here are our top tips to help you get organised ahead of and during the holiday rush. God speed…."


Kim says, ‘Make a Christmas toolbox. This should contain the things your home needs day to day over Christmas period. Batteries, wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, tiny screwdrivers, that all important Wi-Fi code for family guests, recycle bags, earplugs! Bottle of wine? You do you!’


Kim says, ‘In addition to the toolbox, make a designated Christmas press. Have all the Christmas essentials tucked away like the Baileys, extra cards, and THE posh napkins! Pop everything you know you will need in one easy-to-reach space. If you have a particularly busy morning ahead, prepping these the day before can be a great time-saver.’


Lyn continues, ‘Get your fridge and freezer Christmas ready.... Check both for out-of-date items -don't forget to recycle - remove everything and give it a good clean and think about how you are putting it all back in. Try to use up items that are almost empty in the days running up to the Christmas shop to give you more space. And please don’t forget your list! It’s the worst time of year for over shopping so help reduce waste and make a to-do list.!’


Lyn explains, ‘Buy fresh veg, peel, prep, and freeze. Make stuffing and prep items like potatoes in advance. Pop all your stocking fillers in a box together so you're ready to grab and fill!’


‘Get everything washed and sorted in advance! Plan your outfits for the week ahead. Hang outfits together with accessories like tights and jewellery. Nothing worse than the last-minute dash on Christmas Eve!’ Kim said.


Kim says, ‘Think about all those pain points around Christmas, the moments you feel the most stress or overwhelm? Try to break them down and ask yourself what would make it easier, see what you can do days or even weeks in advance to help yourself!’


  • Wrap presents on your ironing board – Kim says, ‘Trust us it’s the only use for it.’
  • Use last year’s cards to make sustainable gift tags!
  • Keep empty pringle tubs… they make the best Christmas light storage.
  • Outfit plan, hang everything you need on one hanger for grab-and-go!
  • Take 3 minutes in any room…. Can you eliminate 3 things? Make some space and donate to charity!

Kim and Lyn are Ireland’s Top Professional Organisers and run ‘A Sorted Affair’, a team of professional organisers that help individuals, families, and businesses, declutter, and get organised. The team creates functional systems that suit its client’s wants and needs with the aim of marrying practicality with aesthetics, to deliver a relaxing clutter-free space.

For more information, tips and home organisation products visit www.asortedaffair.ie.


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