Heading off on a family picnic is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. Whether you are at home or abroad a few hours on the beach or at the park will keep everyone, young and old, happy.


If you are planning on heading off for a picnic and you have a young baby in tow, make sure you take note of these must haves:


1. Toys

Kids can get bored really easily so make sure you have plenty of things for them to do. Rattles, books and soft teddies always go down a treat with babies.


2. Extra blanket

While you are sure to bring a blanket to sit on, do bring an extra one for your little one to lie or crawl around on. This way if they fall asleep or are getting a little restless you can put them down away from the food or hot beverages.


3. Buggy

Do bring your buggy even if you aren’t panning on walking around as it can be a secure place to put Baby when you’re eating. It’s also handy if they do fall asleep and for protecting them from the sun.


4. Water and food

Obviously the food you give your baby depends on what stage of weaning you are at or if at all. For older ones, finger snacks like pieces of fruit are great for picnics, or pureed apple and pear for younger infants as they can be eaten cold. If they are still on the bottle do bring an extra one just in case.


5. Change of clothes

We all know how many times you have to change your baby’s clothes in a day, so make sure you pop a spare vest and outfit into your bag. 



6. Sun umbrella/ wind shield

Whether you are heading to the beach or the park, do bring a wind shield or a sun umbrella along with you. Great at protecting everyone from the harsh sun or the chilly wind, they also offer you a little privacy when changing your baby's nappy or for giving them some peace and quiet.


7. Sun cream

If you are going to be outside for a few hours, it is important you pack the sun cream, even if it’s not sunny out when leaving the house.


8. Small portable chair 

If your little one likes to be cuddled in your arms while going asleep pop a small chair in the boot as it can be tricky holding them while sitting on the ground! 


9. Plastic bag for rubbish

For a quick clean up do pack a small plastic bag into your handbag for throwing rubbish into. 


10. Baby bag 

Don't leave home without it! Pack it with nappies, wipes, tissues and a small first aid kit just in case.