Pregnancy & Postnatal Wellness Exerts

UMamma Holistic Sanctuary has been dedicated to caring for pre and postnatal women for over a decade. Our devotion to our clients has enabled us to offer one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating haven’s in the country. The blissful essence of UMamma is complemented by the nurturing nature of our fully qualified massage therapists.

Inspired by the passion our therapists have for new mums and mums-to-be, UMamma treatments are expertly designed to take your changing body through a truly unique experience. By coupling the highest standard of care with our superior products, the body and skin will feel re-energised by assisting with blood circulation and reduction in swelling.

During the prenatal journey, your body will be cared and nurtured for by the most experienced maternity therapists and will be ready to face the challenges of motherhood. However we realise that new mums will face untold difficulties during their recovery and we ensure that we offer the best postnatal care available. This ranges from holistic to therapeutic care, supporting women’s recovery every step of the way.

Our UMamma shop also stocks a number of premium products from the BASQ range, designed to reinvigorate tired bodies and distressed skin. Complementing our care for mums-to-be, we also provide a number of contemporary products from the Doomoo range which boast a number of products for both mum and baby. Coupled with exceptional quality, the Doomoo range flaunts its modern design with state-of-the art comfort and durability, unseen in the marketplace.

We also run a number of classes such as our antenatal class, run by the Associate Director of Midwifery in the National Maternity Hospital who bestows a wealth of knowledge to parents-to-be. Classes are designed to prepare mums for the birth of their baby and offers a range of skills needed to care for your baby in their first few weeks and months.