Fair City viewers heartbroken after Karl Shiels poignant final scene airs

Fair City fans were left feeling pretty emotional as Karl Shiels final scenes aired last night. Viewers were stunned to hear of the actor’s sudden death in July.

It is believed the actor died in his sleep due to natural causes.

Karl was best known for playing Robbie in the Irish soap and his last moments on the show certainly had viewers in tears.

The poignancy of the scene really pulled at viewer’s heartstrings. Karl’s character Robbie is getting ready to leave for a business trip in his final appearance on the show.

He turns to on-screen partner Carol and says, "Right, cab’s outside, you sure you are going to manage without me?” before kissing Carol goodbye.

Fans of the late actor were quick to comment on how moving the scene was.

One wrote, “How heartbreakingly poignant. Farewell Robbie, you will be missed.”

“My heart just shattered #RIPKarl,” one shared.

Another said, “The poignancy of Karl Sheils' (Robbie) final scene is unreal. His last episode airs 24 days after his death. One of the best actors in the show.”

“It’s still so hard to comprehend that the wonderful and inspiring Karl Shiels is gone. Heartbreaking for fans, must be a million times worse for his beloved family and #FairCity family,” one added.