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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
03/03/2015 16:52
This is where you can leave your feedback for the MiWadi 0% Sugar Mums Say Trial - we are really looking forward to hearing what you and your children thought.
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
20/03/2015 11:29
We got our delivery .... and to say the kids were excited is an unerstatement.
We all got ready to start the test. Very serious in our house!
I always had MiWadi growing up, so it was natural that I would have it in my house with the kids. And they love it. I was delighted to hear that there was a new 0% sugar version coming out, it's always good to opt for 0% sugar when possible. Although I wouldn't ever have thought MiWadi was bad in the first place. We dilute it quite a bit, so it doesn't worry me.
I often worry with these 0% sugar offerings - what are they putting in to replace it? And will it taste awful? Well I can answer that here and now - it most certainly does not taste awful, it tastes great. And it's really good to know the replacement is a natural plant sweetner. I had heard to Stevia before, but never had the opportunity to taste it and I have to say it's brilliant.
So the verdict from the kids was that the Apple Berry was no. 1, and the Orange & Apple/Pear was a very close second.
Their suggestion for a new flavour was strawberry and black current .. not sure how that would work lol Wink
We will definitely be buying MiWadi 0% Sugar again.
I would recommend it without hesitation. Already told the other mums at school, and bought my sister a bottle too.
Thanks so much for letting us take part, the kids really loved it.
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
20/03/2015 18:03
Delivery arrived today and I had the 3 bottles of juice on the counter when the kids came home from school, orange, apple and pear and apple and berry. When they were having dinner I asked 2 of my kids to pick one to try .One wanted the apple and pear and my younger one wanted the apple and berry,My daughter loved the apple and pear but when I made my younger child's apple and berry juice he wouldn't try it because he said it looked like water. While he was having his dinner I transferred it into a bottle that he couldn't see through and gave it to him and he asked me what drink it was because it was lovely .I was so happy as I worry about their a teeth as they are not very good at drinking water. So first day has gone very well. Just have to wait for my eldest two to try it and they can be more fussy because their teenagers. Will keep you posted.
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
20/03/2015 22:49
got my delivery yesterday and i knew straight away what it was i was actually looking forward to trying them out more then the kids lol me and my two daughters all tasted the flavours my favourite one is the apple and pear and my eldest liked the apple and berry one more and my youngest liked the same one has me the labels are nice and bright too they all taste really yummy and knowing its not full of sugar is great my kids school dont really like them to have juice in there lunches but have said there just natural no sugar is added at all so they are happy with that i wont drink any other juice apart from mi wadi personally so i will always get a bottle of this for myself and some for the kids i would deffo buy it again and in the summer i will make ice lollies with it too its nice and refreshing and has im writing this ive a big glass of the apple and pear flavour next too me would recommend to parents keep up the good work
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
22/03/2015 10:13
First off thank you to Mummypages and MiWadi for letting our family take part in this review Smiling
I was very familiar with MiWadi, as I grew up drinking this as a child like most other people in Ireland and I have to say that after getting our delivery on Thursday, we were straight up to the schools gaelic football blitz. I took up a sports bottle full of each drink (Orange/Pear and Apple/Apple Berry), The drinks not only went down a treat with my own kids but with the rest of my daughters team mates too who each had to try it out after we told them about it.

I am very happy to have introduced the New MiWadi 0% sugar to the household it is a great addition to our cupboard and I will definately continue purchasing all flavours again. Another thing that the MiWadi 0% Sugar has going for it is that it is aspartame free which is an added bonus.

If I was to make a flavour for the 0% range it would have to be summer fruits or tropical fruits definately.

I am not familiar with the sweetener Stevia before but will look out for it for future reference as any way of cutting down the childrens sugar intake is always a plus.

My personal favourite was the Orange, but each of my children had there own favourites Apple Berry coming out top with them.

I have had to replenish my stock of MiWadi 0% sugar already Tongue, as my kids go through a lot of drinks with there different sporting activities.

Again thanks a Mil for the chance to take part
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
22/03/2015 13:01
It's been a couple of day's since we got our delievery of Miwadi 0% sugar juice and all 4 kid's have been drinking it. They were alway's use to having Miwadi Juice in the house but they seem to prefer the flavour of the sugar free one's and especially the Apple and Berry which has been drunk and replaced. My 14 year old daughter was delighted as she is waiting on braces and the dentist told her she can only drink water and sugar free drinks so she had the apple and pear for her lunch in school on friday and could bring some to her activities as well. So I am thrilled because my teenage daughters can be awkward at times about what they are bringing to school for lunch to drink. My 16 year old loved the Orange flavour and said it really quenced her thirst during Gaelic training, which was great to hear. We were discussing new flavours and the 2 younger ones think Strawberry flavour would be nice and my teenagers think mixed fruit would be. Now that my son knows the juices taste nice I dont have to put it in the bottle anymore he is drinking it from a cup. I am delighted to be doing the trial, as we are taking about why the drinks are better for their health and their teeth and not just about how they taste. So we will be definitely sticking with the Miwadi 0% sugar and they are looking forward to new flavours to try. Will keep you up dated
Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
23/03/2015 10:08
Thank you very much for picking us for the trial. We were very excited about this trial as we all love Miwadi at our house. My husband and I both grew up drinking Miwadi and it is always included in our weekly shop. I am interested in trying to cut down on our sugar intake and I was delighted to see that Miwadi have introduced a new 0% sugar range. Prior to the trial, I was not familiar with the natural sweetener Stevia but I have read up on it since and I think it's a great idea. There are three fruity flavours to choose from Orange, Apple & Pear and Apple Berry. All three flavours taste great and are very refreshing. Our favourite flavour was Apple & Pear. It was delicious and reminded us of the yummy apple and pear sorbets we had while on holidays in France last year. I would definitely recommend the Miwadi 0% Sugar range to my family and friends. If I could create my own flavour, I think I would go for Elderberry.
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
24/03/2015 21:33
Got Our Delivery ,Kids and myself were very excited to try all the different flavours,I ask kids to choose which one we going to taste first as my kids were having sleepover party,So it was Orange 0%sugar and Apple Berry,
Must say i was well impressed that its 0%sugar,my kids and hubby do alot of sports training so dilute drinks on the go in my house,They were well pleased with the 0%sugar and even brought to school to show their teachers and gave a sample,Teacher were well impressed
My two olders kids 10 and 13 love the Apple berrie and orange,And the 5 year old never drank dilute orange she didnt like any till she tasted MiWadi orange0% sugar and she loves it,has to have it for school every day,
Hubby and myself like the apple and pear,very refreshing,So it all a def yummy and healthy aswell
We will def be buying more in my house and tank you so much for letting us try it out,I will be back to u again with more update
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
25/03/2015 09:42
My delivery arrived last friday and we have been busy testing since. Both the orange flavour and apple and pear are now empty bottles, devoured by my littles ones. They loved them both.

From all I have read I am delighted that this new range are aspartamene free and as an added bonus they taste even better than the previous 0% sugar range.

We have still to try the apple and berry but so far we are very happy with the new product range being introduced and will definetly be a staple on the shopping list.
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
25/03/2015 10:19
Thanks a million for including is in this trial.
We absolutely love MiWadi in our house, we're already big fans. But I'm really delighted that there is now a 0% sugar version, and very happy with the Stevia replacement - this is a natural plant extract, so much safter than other alternatives.
The kids loved all flavours - if I had to push, I'd say the Apple Berry was favourite.
Will definitely be buying it again, and would recommend to other mums.
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
25/03/2015 10:23
I thought we were the ultimate MiWadi famly household - but looks like there are lots of other mums out there who love it too!!
I always had MiWadi when we were growing up - my granny always had it in her house too, so it was natural that I would buy it for my kids.
It's very important that my kids drink lots of water, and whilst they will drink plain water, it's much easier to give them MiWadi.
I was really excited to hear that there was a 0% Sugar option - although, I'll be honest, I was worried it wouldn't taste that good. Once I tasted it myself, however, it tasted exactly the same, I was so relieved. Gave it to the kids (didn't mention the 0% sugar of course) and they really really loved it - with Apple & Pear being their number 1.
Thanks for letting us take part. We will be buying it again, and have already recommended to other mums. Brilliant.
Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
25/03/2015 11:42
After trying out Mi Wadi for one week with my kids, I am really happy. My kids are avid Mi Wadi drinkers so I was delighted to be selected for this trial, so thank you :) There is 3 flavours; Apple Berry, Apple and Pear and Orange. As a mum, I was delighted to hear that the Mi Wadi was aspartame free( as I know this is a health risk) and instead naturally sweetned with stevia! My kids really enjoyed the apple berry flavour and could not believe their eyes when they saw that it was sugar free. Personally, I really enjoyed the Apple and Pear flavour as it tasted just like real juice, without all the excess sugar. We all enjoyed the orange flavour as well and I'm sure, mixed with fizzy water, it would be an excellent alternative to soda. I would really recommend this product to my friends! I'm on a sugar free diet at the moment, so this product really takes the edge off my cravings.It's very hard to get my son to drink water, and I worry about his teeth and his health when he drinks sugary drinks, so this product truly works wonders in my house! I would not hesitate to buy this product in future and I think it is an excellent alternative to sugary drinks. If I were to create my own Mi Wadi sugar free flavour, It would have to be pineapple. Thanks again for choosing me! x
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
26/03/2015 10:03
Dear Mummy Pages Team. Our delivery did not get to us until Monday as the delivery guy dropped it on the door step at another house in the area with the same surname as us so apologies for being late submitting this review. We have always used MiWadi in our house, and as a child we always had it too - always the orange flavour though when I was younger but our family use the orange and the blackcurrant MiWadi. I was delighted that MiWadi have introduced a 0% sugar in their dilute drinks, any drink with no sugar in has to be good. The Apple Berry flavour was a major hit in our house with all 6 of us and also two of my sisters who came visiting during the week. The children loved the orange flavour but the Apple & Pear was not so popular. The children did not take to it and both myself and my husband found it quite sweet (get that when it has 0% sugar!). We are not familiar with stevia the natural sweetener. By far, the favourite is the Apple Berry. I have it in my basket for my next online shop in Tesco. It is great to see that I can get the new flavours in Tesco. Thanks for allowing me be part of your Mums Say Trial.
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
28/03/2015 14:36
Thanks very much for choosing us.
We love MiWadi in our house and we're very happy to know the original flavour hasn't changed even with Stevia replacing the sugar. So much better now that it's 0% sugar, I will worry less about how much sugar they're drinking.
There was no outright winner of the flavour test, they said they liked them all, but the Apple Berry one was gone first - so take from that what you will
We will be buying again, and will have it for all the parties too. We make fizzy MiWadi by adding fizzy water.
Such a great idea. Thank you. Would recommend.
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
29/03/2015 21:38
Firstly I would like to thank MiWadi for selecting my family to test the new 0% sugar fruit juices from MiWadi. Like many have said I grew up on MiWadi and only really appreciated it when I lived in the UK for a few years! No other dilute came close to the flavour of MiWadi. I’ve been buying the no added sugar prior to this thinking it was sugar free but knew in the back of my mind it wasn’t!
There three flavours tested were really good. The orange is actually back to the taste I remember as a child. I was mixing it with fizzy water and it makes a very refreshing drink. My 6-year-old daughters favourite flavour was the Apple Berry, my husbands was the Apple and Pear.
But the big success was with my 8month old daughter up to now she would not drink any water or any diluted drinks! I tried her with a very week mixture of all three flavours and she drank them all! So I’m very happy and 0% MiWadi will be on the shopping list from now on. I would like to see a pineapple flavour!
Only slight concern was when I checked out the bottles in the supermarkets the 1litre bottles were on ‘offer’ at €2 which would make them a little more expensive than the rest of the range which would be dissapointing!
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Feedback for MiWadi 0% Sugar Mum Say Trial
30/03/2015 14:28
Great trial to be part of, my kids absolutely love MiWadi (I do too!!).

Their favourite was the Apple flavour, but they enjoyed all three. If they could make their own flavour they said it would be ice-cream (their suggestion not mine ha ha).
Will of course buy again and have recommended to mummy friends and relatives.
Great to know it's 0% sugar too. And absolutely no taste difference.



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