Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
14/06/2016 10:39
This is where you can leave your feedback for the Soltan Family Mum Say Trial - we can't wait to hear how you got on.
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
17/06/2016 20:54
Sampled the new baby dry size 4's and have to say I am very impressed. I would really recommend them to any parent of a child in nappies as they really are more comfortable on baby and are less bulky in the morning time. my child didnt wake up during the night as there was more comfort. I was shocked at how thinn they stayed when they were wet which is a huge plus.

I would say they are brilliant for a great sleep forbabies as my child didnt wake due to a wet bulky nappy. This again would encourage me to recommend as there is not full heavy nappy and this give more comfort to baby. my child went to bed and the next morning was very dry compared to any other brands so huge well done to pampers on this. I will definately buy this product again and will use on the next baby too as they are brilliant and really lock wetness into different sections rather than the one sport. I normally buy nappies in Aldi but now I will buy pampers baby dry as I am so impressed.
Thank you so much for letting me try the product, you have a new customer.
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
18/06/2016 13:08
I sampled size five in these nappies and I loved them! They are thin, soft and hold so much! My boy still wakes a lot for feeds during the night and I usually have to change him before each feed or he would wake with a leaking nappy, but we got 12hours at night without a change :). He had a much better, settled sleep because of it!
10/10 I couldn't find fault in them at all! I am normally not a fan of pampers and stick to Aldi Mamia but I love these and am recommending them already! I already Have them on my shopping list!
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
18/06/2016 15:41
Thank you for my pack of Pampers size 4 nappies. I have to say I was very impressed with this product. Even though the nappy is extremely heavy and full in the morning my baby's skin remains dry.

I have tried various brands of nappies and Pampers are the best quality and fit. I have found that if the nappy is leaking its because I am using the wrong size and its time to move up a size, the Pampers nappy is not at fault. I will continue to use Pampers Baby Dry for my son as he is extrememly active and his legs never stop moving even when he is going to sleep so Pampers are ideal for him to stay dry all night.
I have used different brand nappies (mainly Aldi) however I find these are not as good for night time and only use them during the day and always use Pampers Baby Dry at night and know I dont need to change it until morning. Thank you.
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
18/06/2016 15:55
I am really and truly impressed and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Pampers Baby Dry to anyone.

My little man has full nights uninterupted sleep and although the nappies can be full in the morning there are never any leaks and always a nice dry bum. They aren't bulky and little ones can move freely with any hindrance from the nappy, even while wriggling around at night!
I have always bought Pampers ( usually in Dunnes) for my previous baby and now this one, & will continue to use and recommend them as long as nappies are needed on this house. Baby was comfortable and dry so thats a thumbs up from us
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
20/06/2016 10:12
Sampled the new baby dry size 5's for my son and we were very impressed, we had problems with nappies before that in the morning after a nights sleep fell apart but this nappy was great, even though it was quite heavy in the morning, it didn't break up. He didn't wake up during the night for a new nappy to be put on and seemed to be much more comfortable and happier in this nappy. I would definetly recommend this new nappy range to anybody as it is much better than it's competitors. Thank you for allowing me to try out this new product. You have made a little boy much happier & his parents too.
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
20/06/2016 11:25
I tried the Pampers Baby-Dry size 4 and really love them! They fit really well and keep my little man comfortable during the whole night. No awakenings because of a wet nappy or leaks. He is quite a wrestler during his sleep and ends up in all different positions all over the cot but this nappy stays nicely in place no matter what he does.
In the morning they are still bulky but there are no leaks and his bum is really nice and dry which is really great as his bum does get irritate when using some other brands of nappies. I would definitely recommend Pampers Baby-Dry and will be purchasing them again from now on as we are all so much happier after a full nights sleep! So a big thumbs up from our family to these!!
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™Feedback for pampers nappies size 5
20/06/2016 11:34
Thanks for the free trial of these nappies...
unfortunalty they haven't made much difference to our situation.. I've put the nappy on just before my daughter would go to sleep and she would still wake up the next morning wet. I know my daughter does drink a lot of water ( she doesn't drink milk only juice) and this is probably the reason for her wetting so much during the night. I did notice tho that if I change her around midnight that she wasn't wet the following morning. But that means I'm only getting 7/8 hours out of the nappies not the 12 hours protection.
Other than the fact she wakes up wet they are great, not bulky and very soft on her skin as she does have sensitive skin. I will continue to see if they do make a difference over the next week
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
20/06/2016 11:49
Yes I would recommend the new Pampers baby dry as they are a vast improvemnet of the old style nappies. My little man likes to move a lot and these seem to bend with him and seem to be less bulky then before.

I have tried many brands of nappies and usually end up with heavy, damp and saggy nappies after a nights sleep plus the inevitable leaks that happen. However since I started using the new Pampers I have not had one leak and his skin seems dryer in the morning which is a great improvement.

I would definitely continue to use them as I have found before when the nappy gets damp it would wake him during the night but again this has not happening since using the new Pampers. I used to use Pampers and then changed to Aldi but will be returning to Pampers going forward.
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
20/06/2016 12:16
I sampled the new Pampers Baby Dry in a size 4. I have to say I'm very impressed. I normally buy nappies in Aldi but find that in the morning my little girl is damp and the nappy falls apart. But was really impressed that with the Pampers, she was dry in the morning.
My daughter is teething at the moment so is waking for extra feed and is wriggling a lot at night but these nappies stayed on and were able to handle the extra fluid. Was really surprised that they had not leaked or fallen apart considering how heavy they were in the morning. They are soft and much thiner then I expected them to be. Will be changing my nappy brand as my little girl was happy in the morning.
Thanks for letting me try this product.
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
20/06/2016 15:02
I was delighted to try the new Pampers Baby Dry nappies as with a new baby and so many different types of nappies out there it can be difficult to choose the right one for sensitive skin. My little girl is teething and has been prone to some nappy rash and these nappies have been fantastic. They are a great fit with secure tying, and her bum has been dry in the morning after a very full nappy. The nappies themselves are not bulky and have been fantastic for her.
It can be so difficult to choose a nappy with everyone giving their opinion and all the options available but I would for sure tell all mums concerned with nappy rash to try these! They may not be the cheapest but you definitely get what you pay for and I usually buy all my nappies in Tesco so I do hope they will be part of the great baby offers they have there.
Thank you for selecting us to be part of this trial, I certainly won't look back in my choice of nappies!
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
20/06/2016 20:07
First of all thank you for picking me to be part of the panel!
We were delighted to test out the new pampers as we had just started to run into trouble with our regular nappies (Tesco brand).
My little buster has big rugby thighs (his chubbs we call them) and unfortunately has gotten several nasty cuts in against these due to the rigidness of the nappie. hankfully we didnt have this problem with these pampers ones. We had size 4 and found them extremely flexible....not a mark in sight!

I will say however i was worried when i saw how lightly paddded they were. Cillian can really test a nappie and thankfully we didnt have any leaks which I was fully sure we would to be honest the nappie was so light.
Saying that due to the small size of the nappie he was able to move freely and kick to his hearts content!
He never screamed for the nappie to be changed. It obviously wasn't hurting him or burning him either. The nappie genuinely "locks in" moisture so i was delighted by that too.
Any other retailers nappies i have bought i find are usually too bulky and rigid, I have to say no leakage or good nights sleep aside y favourite art of these nappies truly is that the baby can actually move in them. Makes for a much happier baby and in turn mammy!
I would say they are a small enough fit he definetly took up th size 4 but apart from that A+ here!
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
21/06/2016 08:12
I sampled the new baby dry size 4+ on my 21 month old daughter and I am extremely happy with the results. My daughter is a great sleeper and unless she has done a number two during the night will sleep over 12 hours. Generally her nappy is really full and her bum is wet, however with these new nappies even though they were full in the morning, her little bum was not wet and she was happier in the mornings.

I would recommend Pampers Baby Dry to anyone as the best nappies for a dry nights sleep. I will be using these myself in the future.

I ususally buy the Aldi brand nappies but I will be using Pampers Baby Dry for my little one from now on.

Thank you for allowing me to sample these great nappies.
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
21/06/2016 11:46
Thank you for letting me trial this product.
I would recommend this product and would buy again I usually buy nappies in Tesco.
I found that they're not too bulky, especially when wet and feel nice and soft. There was no leaking at night time which contributes to a good night's sleep for baby. They are ideal for night time. for this reason as other napies I have used have leaked.
Thanks again.
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™ Size 4
21/06/2016 12:05
Thanks for including me in this trial. Up until now I have been using the Aldi nappies as they seemed to be the best fit for him but following trying out Papmers Baby Dry I will be switching to them!

I have noticed a big difference to how dry my baby's nappy feels in the morning even though it is full. It also feels much lighter than before which helps him move around easily so he doesn't wake during the night.

He has very sensitive skin with some excema and I have noticed that there is much less redness on his bottom since I have started using them which is a huge plus and another reason I would recommend these to other mums
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Feedback for New Pampers Baby Dry™
21/06/2016 17:35
My 20mth old boy and I sampled the size 5 nappies. I usually buy Aldi Mamia brand and we experience leaks after 4 hours as my little boy drinks a lot of fluids during the day. We didn't experience this with the Pampers Baby Dry. I was sceptical when I saw how thin the nappies were and genuinely thought there'd be a wet baby after an overnight test. I was surprised and delighted to find that he was dry the next morning. The nappy was very full but he was dry and he wasn't red either. The saggy baggy nappy look didn't occur during the day either and he never looked uncomfortable or pulled at the nappy to indicate a need for a change as he would normally.
i would recommend the new Pampers Baby Dry and will be using them again. A dry baby is a happy baby and a happier mummy!


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