Feeling a little anxious with your newborn? These tips will help you relax a little

Having a newborn baby to look after is exhausting and as anyone who has been through the experience will know, it is so easy to become stressed over every single thing.


However, while telling a new mum to relax is easier said than done, it is important you don’t allow every little thing get on top of you, otherwise you’ll end up missing the most precious time of your life:


Don’t set expectations for you or baby

Don’t tell yourself that your little one will feed no problem  or that they will be bright eyed and making eye contact well before anyone else’s. It is important you remember that every baby learns new things at different stages; don’t worry if your little one isn’t showing signs of not rolling over or smiling, they are just waiting for the right moment.


Get to know your baby

Your baby will have cues for every single thing from when they are tired to when they are hungry. Obviously you won’t be able to recognise these from the onset so give yourself time to get to know baby and understand their needs and various cries and sounds. Don't panic if it takes you a bit of time to understand the difference between a hungry cry and a wet nappy cry, this will come in time.


Make time for you

While being around your baby is all most new mums want to do, taking ten or 15 minutes out of your day to simply be, relax with meditation music or enjoy a cup of tea will help you no end. Getting up 15 minutes before baby usually does or not immediately getting into housework as soon as they are settled create ideal opportunities if you don’t have anyone to watch your youngster.


Go easy on yourself

It is so important you remember that you are doing your very best. Try not to allow little mistakes, like putting nappy on the wrong way, to stress you out - things like these are bound to happen. Remember to go easy on yourself.


Allow baby be

You don’t need to be constantly stimulating your baby with music and sounds, all he or she wants or really needs is the sound of your voice and the touch of your skin. Don’t become over consumed with scheduled play or by reading lots of parenting manuals telling you what you should be doing – just simply be with baby.

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