Finding out that you’re about to have a set of twins can be as exciting as it is terrifying  – but believe it or not, on some occasions, having twins is actually an advantage.
Two for the price of one
If you only wanted two children, having twins can be a bit like striking gold. You only have to go through nine months of pregnancy instead of 18, and you’ll only have to be wheeled into that labour ward once too. It’s a win, win situation.
People will help you more often
If you’re struggling in the shopping centre with two babies, people are more likely to take pity and help you out than they would be if you only had one.
You always have an excuse
So your house is a mess and you haven’t brushed your hair in days – it’s ok. You’ve got twins. No one can blame you.
They always have someone to play with
Your twin babies can entertain each other while you get some work done… or you could just catch up on the Corrie you missed last night.
Everything is seen as an accomplishment
Everything is an achievment thanks to having twins and people are easily impressed by anything such as how you managed to cook an entire dinner. However, while these things may make life a little bit easier, we’d be lying if we said that twins are totally problem free….
They are expensive
You have to buy two of nearly everything – and babies aren’t cheap.
They always have someone to fight with
While it’s great when they’re getting on, it’s not so great when they’ve taken a dislike to one another.
You don’t get to learn from you mistakes
When you have one baby, and then another soon after, you can avoid making the same mistakes the second time around. If your twins are the first children to arrive in your family, you are robbed of this luxury.
People are always looking at you
Whether it’s in admiration or they’re just looking to see if they are actually identical it doesn’t matter. Sometimes you just want to be invisible.  
When one gets sick, so does the other
And everyone knows that one sick baby is hard enough to deal with.