Fix your damaged hair with these 5 DIY hair masks you can make at home

Let’s be honest ladies, with the continuing cold weather, it's fair to say that our hair has seen better days. With the summer weather still a no-show, our hair is in need of some TLC!

That’s why we’ve pulled together the perfect solution — hair masks! No matter your problem, whether it’s damaged split ends, dry or oily, frizzy or flat, we have an easy DIY hair mask recipe to suit every hair type. What’s even better is that they’re all made up of staple ingredients which you probably already have at home.

So, throw together one of these sumptuous recipes and let the masks work their magic.

1. Coconut oil

This mask is literally what it says on the tin. Covering your hair in coconut oil is a great way to get it’s moisture back. You can get coconut oil in any health food shop or opt for a cheaper option from your local supermarket.

Wear an old t-shirt or pjs and warm up the coconut oil between your hands Apply to damp hair and leave for about half an hour – or an hour if your hair is seriously dry!

2. Olive oil & honey

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants which will give your hair a gorgeous shine and it can be found in almost every household. Honey is great for sealing in moisture and will give your hair mask a much nicer scent.

Mix 60ml of olive oil and 40ml of honey together and apply to your hair. Pop on a shower cap and let the mixture soak in for about 20 minutes.

3. Avocado, olive oil & honey

This one is especially good for extremely dry hair. Mash up one avocado, one tablespoon of honey and two of olive oil. Massage into your hair and cover with a plastic bad or cling film, leave for an hour to get the full effects.

4. Strawberry

This is one that will smell great and give your hair lots of shine. This strawberry mask is great for oily hair as strawberries are good at regulating oil production on the scalp. A handful of strawberries mashed up will do the trick, but if you suffer from dry ends be sure to pop some conditioner on them so your hair doesn’t dry out too much.

5. Beer Mask

This one is for adding some body to limp lifeless hair. All you need is half a cup of flat beer, 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil and 1 raw egg mixed together. This one just needs to be left in for about 20 minutes before washing out with cold water.