Why are people obsessed with New Year Resolutions, or more specifically, other people’s ones?


I just don’t get the fascination. It’s like people take pleasure in hearing that you have joined a gym, whilst inside they are probably thinking – I bet she goes no more than five times. (There is a reason why gyms offer such good rates every January!)


Why does everything have to be shiny and new just because it’s the New Year? If I wasn't that motivated to not eat chocolate before the New Year, then I am sure just because it’s the first of the month it isn’t going to make me more likely to stop scoffing the Twix bars either.


Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with the way that things were, but we seem inclined as humans to bring about a change of some sorts at New Year.


This year, I’ve decided not to set myself up for a fall. Usually every January, I start the same as many others. Promising myself that this will be the year I will; lose weight, get fitter, and drink less etc. and by the end of February, nothing has changed apart from I feel a whole lot guiltier when I fail to meet my resolutions after only a few short weeks.



This year, I have decided to set myself quarterly goals, not resolutions. It’s like a fantastic ‘To Do’ list, but I am giving myself 3 months to action them. This is a place for big plans. A list looking into the future for the next 12 weeks, a bullet point, line by line account of what I need to do and when I need to do it by.



Quarter One has started and already, even though I am fairly new into it, I am feeling a lot calmer. Anything I have committed to, is for an infinite period of time. I don’t have to give something up or start something new for a whole year – just for the next 3 months. Knowing that makes it a whole lot easier to commit.



It’s also quite exciting knowing that next quarter, I am going to have a new list. Fresh ideas to focus on, new things to be achieved and actioned. At this stage, some of my ‘To Do’s’ from Quarter One may be carried over, but if not, I have not failed. By setting quarterly goals, I am only winning. If you think you could benefit from this approach then please feel free to join me! Here’s to the first quarter and may it be a successful one for both of us!