From G-Force to Ceramic Pop - Dyson’s G-Force vacuum cleaner, inspired the new colourway

In celebration of 25 years in Japan, Dyson introduces a new tone to its hair tools – the Ceramic Pop colourway.  Comprising three colours in confident proportion, Blush Pink, Ceramic Topaz and Ceramic Patina, the iconic colour combination channels Dyson’s first evet vacuum cleaner, the G-Force, which was first sold in Japan in the 1980s.

A nod to G-Force

Dyson has a long association with unique colour palettes. Bold colours characterised the Dyson G-Force vacuum cleaner when it appeared in Dyson’s first market, Japan.

The G-Force vacuum cleaner had breakthrough cyclonic technology and a transparent bin, packaged in an asymmetrical form factor in Pink and Lilac to emphasise each element.

Unlike anything else on the market at the time and striking in the home, the approach to develop colours designed by Dyson, for Dyson machines remains true today.

CMF Design at Dyson

Building on this heritage, in 2017 Dyson established its first dedicated Colours, Materials and Finishes (CMF) team, initially to contribute to the design of an Electric Vehicle project and now working across all categories.

Colours, Materials and Finishes at Dyson are designed and engineered to enhance the technology and product experience. Dyson uses placement of colour to highlight product features and continues to innovate in material development.

The Ceramic Pop Range

The Dyson CMF team continually research colours to enhance our technology. Dyson technologies are pioneering and disruptive and this colourway takes inspiration from an early example of our innovative use of colour.

Echoing the impact of G-Force when it launched, today’s new colour scheme, Ceramic Pop, boldly uses bright colours in playful proportion - adding a new look to the Dyson Hair Care range.

Dyson Supersonic™️ hair dryer - RRP £359.99 / €399.99
Dyson Airwrap™️ multi-styler – RRP £479.99 / €549.99
Dyson Corrale™️ hair straightener – RRP £399.99 / €450

This range has a ‘ceramic’ finish, the result of precision-applied satin paint topcoats. Dry to the touch, the end result was achieved through many rounds of experimentation – designed to evoke the silky-smooth finish of unglazed ceramic.

Material innovation and testing

Materials and finishes, just like the machines themselves, undergo rigorous testing which include rub tests and scratch resistance tests to ensure the finishes withstand the demands of daily use and meet the high expectations of owners.

Tensile tests

Destructive tensile tests of material samples provide information on the mechanical properties of our plastic, composite and recycled materials.

Abrasion and scratch tests

Abrasion and scratch tests are carried out to simulate everyday wear and tear. This process evaluates the durability and reliability of our finishes.

Micro-level colour finish

Our engineering labs have the latest digital and scanning electron microscopes that allow our engineers to precisely apply our colour finishes.

25 years in Japan

Dyson has a long and special relationship with Japan, through a series of firsts. It was here in the 1980s that James Dyson first sold cyclone technology under the name ’G–Force’, winning the 1991 International Design Fair prize in Japan. It was here that the first Dyson Demo flagship store opened its doors in 2015. Our entry in the hair care category with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, was also first revealed in Japan in 2016. With the launch of our Tokyo office in 1998, we now celebrate our 25th year in the country and mark the occasion by launching this colourway for our Hair Care category.

The Dyson Ceramic Pop range is available now available online at Dyson and Dyson Demo Stores and mall pop ups around the country.