From making funny faces to creating amusing noises, babies certainly know how to crack us up on a daily basis. But while they may look or sound funny, there is a reason your infant is doing it and no, it’s not just for your amusement.


Funny faces

If you have the pleasure of taking care of a baby you will no doubt have been treated to a funny face or two from them. But before you think your little one deserves their own comedy show, their facial muscles are developing and they are actually trying to mimic the faces you make.


Strange crawling strategies

Not all babies will crawl in the traditional manner, on their hands and knees, some do the belly crawl, others scoot around on their bum and there are the few who walk like a monkey, on their feet and hands. How they get around is not solely to give you a chuckle it is simply a personal decision. And while it can look a little funny, whatever way they decide to get around they are promoting muscle and motor development and independence.


Fake coughs

Yes, babies actually fake coughing and look uber cute when they do it. And while it can literally put your heart in your mouth when they do it, it is simply your little one becoming more socially aware as they realise it can get your attention.


The strange noises they make

Babies don’t just cry and coo they can make some seriously strange noises. From grunting and groaning to snorting and growling, there are a few weird things that come out of your baby’s mouth. And while it can be seriously cute, it is because your baby’s nasal passage is quite narrow and mucus can get trapped there. 



For anyone who has ever had to deal with hiccups, we know they can be pretty annoying. But when your baby has a series of hiccups the tiny sound can be super cute, we have to admit. They reason they get it is because of sudden diaphragm contractions.