Gemma Atkinson reflects on postpartum haemorrhage after having daughter Mia

Gemma Atkinson has been reflecting on the births of her children. 

The former Hollyoaks actress and her Strictly Come Dancing pro fiancé Gorka Marquez welcomed their daughter Mia into the world in July 2019. They went on to have their son, Thiago, in July of last year. 

When giving birth to Mia, Gemma had to have an emergency C-section, and later suffered a postpartum haemorrhage (PPH), which she admitted ‘scared her a lot’. 

Last year, when welcoming Thiago, the 39-year-old also had a C-section, but luckily, did not haemorrhage.

Now, Gemma has been looking back at the births of her little ones after finding a book which she kept note of Thiago’s feeds and her medication after he was born, in case she had to go back into hospital with another postpartum haemorrhage.

Opening up on her Instagram Stories to her 1.9M followers, Atkinson shared a video of herself explaining, “At the front of the notepad, which I‘ve kept, is every single time Thiago had a feed and every single time I had pain relief after my C-section because I was so frightened of haemorrhaging again, I tracked everything”, she revealed before reeling off times she’d written down last year. 

She added text to the video that says, “I guess it’s a little reminder for me of where I was compared to now, where I am. I wrote everything down when it came to my medication and Tios feeds, JUST incase I need to go back and stay hospital like with Mia”.

The former soap star was then asked by a fan for more information about having a postpartum haemorrhage after her C-section with Mia.

Gemma shared, “After Mia, yes (she was an emergency C section) I then had a PPH, both which scared me a lot”.

“But the staff at Bolton hospital worked wonders so much so down the line made me say to Gorks “shall we try for another baby””.

The mum-of-two went on to add, “Thiago again was a C section but no haemorrhage afterwards. I spent the first two weeks thinking about it happening which I suppose is expected, hence all my notes on feeds & medication, but I was totally fine”.