Making a baby feel that naptime is the same as night time makes it easier to put them to sleep during the day. Often, mothers complain about how easily the child goes to sleep at night, but refuses to nap during the daytime.
Things such as light sensitivity and problems in relaxing and adjusting to changes can make it tougher. Installing curtains that darken the room could help since it makes the baby think that it is night time.
Babies usually need two naps daily. One hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon is an ideal way to plan the naps of your baby. Once you have got the timing of the naps right, it is time to make your baby feel that it is the same as night time.
You can do this by practicing a smaller version of the bedtime routine. So, go ahead and change the nappy and put them in their night time clothes. Singing while putting your baby to sleep is another thing that you may be doing at night time and you can easily do it at naptime too.
Slowly, your baby will get adjusted to sleeping in the crib at daytime too. If you consistently practice this routine, your baby will be falling asleep at naptime easily and without much fuss.