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Beginnings are very delicate times, especially when it comes to caring for baby’s skin. They’re so small, so pure, so gently. And of course, you don’t want anything harmful to touch their delicate skin.
That’s why we’re introducing Huggies® Newborn Wipes, our softest, most natural wipe yet, giving care and protection for the most sensitive of skin.
Made with gentle natural fibres, Huggies® Newborn Wipes are softer and thicker than other Huggies® wipes. With 99% pure water and no fragrance, they’re completely free from phenoxyethanol, paraben and alcohol, clinically tested as safe from day one!
We are looking for 50 mums to trial Huggies® Newborn Wipes. If you would like to take part in this Mums Say Trial, simply join this group and leave a comment below to note your interest. In the case that we are over-subscribed, we will select 50 mums at random.
Recruitment for this group is now closed.  
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Jeno79 06/04/2015 New member
18 posts
340 MP points
January 26, 2017
I'd love to be included please. I've an 8mth old and two year old and both are still in nappies. Their skin is so sensitive so I use newborn products on them both. Would love to find a product that I could use for them both
monkey 03/04/2012 New member
30 posts
450 MP points
January 23, 2017
I have 4 kids & do childcare at home, lve used a variety of brand & store brand wipes. I have always gone back to huggies. Mayb too much info, but when your changing a dirty nappy you need something that grips & wipes fast! The idea of having a wipe that is 99% water with none of perfumes/alcohol etc is perfect.The best of both worlds.
Loved these wipes & even though they are probably marketed for newborn, l would use them for all ages, even for myself as alcohol products sting my skin, l found them very handy for removing makeup. Definiately a good buy!
deborah_murphy 11/01/2017 First Timer
3 posts
265 MP points
January 11, 2017
Would love to be considered for this trial
Deirdremoroneyx 19/12/2016 First Timer
2 posts
260 MP points
December 20, 2016
Would be delighted to trial these wipes. Baby due by c section in 3 days 22 Dec!
camppy 14/03/2016
1 posts
305 MP points
December 19, 2016
Would like to try these on my 3 weeks old daughter.
fionnola-k 10/08/2015 New member
2 posts
10 MP points
December 19, 2016
I 'd love to try these on my daughter, she has just turned 6 months xx
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