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Iron is a vital mineral during pregnancy, with the developing baby solely depending on its mother's supplies. Still, it's estimated that every year, 35% of pregnant women become iron deficient in their first trimester and 85% will have become iron deficient by their third trimester. Iron deficiency is especially common in women carrying twins, vegetarians or women who are having pregnancies close together. An adult woman needs to absorb between 1.5 - 2mg of iron per day. For a pregnant woman, this can increase to 2 - 4mg in the second trimester and 3 - 6mg in the third trimester*. Almost triple the amount! 
According to the World Health Organisation, iron deficiency is the most common mineral deficiency worldwide with women and children being the most susceptible, but not the only ones affected. Since our body can’t produce iron itself we need to make sure we consume sufficient amounts of iron as part of our daily diet.

Spatone Liquid Iron is scientifically shown to provide your recommended daily amount of iron whilst being extra gentle on the stomach.
Suitable for Vegetarians - No artificial colours - Gluten Free
We are looking for 15 mums who would like to try Spatone liquid Iron. To be in with a chance of participating, please join the group, leave a comment and let us know if you would prefer the natural or apple flavour. In the event that we are oversubscribed, we will make our selection at random from qualifying entries.
Recruitment for this group is now closed.  
If you would like early notification of new group trials, please visit this page and join the group where you will get early email notification once new groups are live.
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AKDon 18/02/2016 First Timer
3 posts
415 MP points
September 27, 2016
I would love to try the apple flavour. I have suffered really bad with my iron lebels after I had my baby girl and with having IBS i need something more natural to be easier on my stomach and spatone is gentle but id like to try out the apple flavour for ease of drinking it
DiGi 20/04/2016
2 posts
10 MP points
April 20, 2016
SOR21 20/04/2016 First Timer
2 posts
10 MP points
April 20, 2016
Would love to try this, apple falvour please if picked :)
Adillon 20/04/2016 First Timer
2 posts
10 MP points
April 20, 2016
Would love to try apple flavour please!
Samsiof 12/06/2015
2 posts
260 MP points
April 14, 2016
Would be interested in trying this, natural flavour please.was told last month had extremely low iron level of 8. Been taking tablets which are constipating.
brandon 17/11/2011
1 posts
255 MP points
April 13, 2016
Natural please... Extremely low iron since having babies... Just took my last spatone yesterday!!!
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