As I sit down to write this piece there’s a bit of a pong.  It’s coming from me.  I haven’t had a chance to scrub anything bar my face and my teeth yet this morning.  There is snot on my sleeve which isn’t mine. Since my eldest started Nursery the dreaded germs have made their way home.  Everyone is feeling a bit poorly but that’s not what this post is about. 


Look, I’ve just wrote a full paragraph whining about my life…  Sometimes I’d like to give myself a good kick and say “Shut-up!  Stop your moaning!  You have so much to be thankful for!”


Just look at the state of the world around us!  Not even the big picture of the chance of World War 111 breaking out.  There are households (probably even in my local community) struggling to feed themselves and stay warm.  Children witnessing their Mother being ‘knocked around’ when Daddy comes home and Parents working every possible hour to give their little ones the picture-perfect childhood. 


So enough wallowing!  Let’s talk about the good things in our lives!  I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who looks at their kids sometimes and think – “How the hell did I get so lucky?”


Yep, the birth might have been absolutely horrendous.  Those scars and stretch marks may never fade, but look what you created.  That’s the ultimate push (or, just had major surgery) present.  Surely those little gummy smiles are worth getting up for every morning? 


Think about all those firsts - the smiles, the first time they rolled over, the first time they crawled, stood or walked.  All moments that were applauded and probably recorded.  Wasn't that first pearly white tooth worth the hours pacing the floors soothing his pain?  Didn't they make you smile from the inside out?  Fit to burst with pride at your little munchkins' new achievement. 


I know Motherhood comes with bucket loads of guilt but, sometimes when I’m really having a rubbish day I have to remind my self – This is what I wanted! 


I longed for a baby way before I was ready to become a mother.  I dreamt of hearing a little person that I helped create call me ‘Mummy’.  There are women and men all over craving to have even just a sniff of my bad days. 


They probably read mine and other ‘mummy blogs’ complaining about our kids and think, what an ungrateful bi**h!  Well if you’re reading this – I promise I’m not ungrateful.  Those little snot monsters make me the happiest woman alive!  I would quite simply do anything for them.  Being their Mummy is the best “job” in the world!  It’s hard work yes but it’s not a job, it’s my life!  


I don’t think there is a better feeling than having everyone bundled into the Master Bed on a Sunday morning giggling whilst watching cartoons.  No rushing or racing, just time to enjoy each other.  Or when their tiny little hand grasps yours as you crunch leaves in the park on a crisp Autumn day.  There are special moments sprinkled throughout every day.  We're just too busy sometimes to take the time to enjoy them.  


When I see how much my boys adore each other I could cry with joy.  Obviously, there are plenty of moments when they are killing one another over a toy car, but on a whole, they are pretty good to one another and I’m glad they have each other. 


On a final note…  I’m pretty darn lucky to have an amazing husband!  He’s the reason I get to spend these days with my boys.  He’s my go-to guy when I need a little reassurance or the one who listens to me whine when the day has been tough.  So, when the chicks fly the nest and the house is quiet again...  I’ll be happy to grow old with him by my side.    


So today when the baby wakes up from his nap, I'm gonna close my laptop, put down my phone and enjoy my boys.       

A mummy to two little fellas, just moved back to the motherland that is Fermanagh from the bright lights of London. Trying not to lose my sh*t when I'm asked "why" 10,000 times a day! Praying for a full nights sleep so I can persuade my husband to do the baby thing all over again.

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