Helen Flanagan reveals co-parenting three children with ex-partner Scott is a ‘journey’

Helen Flanagan has been speaking about co-parenting with her ex-fiancé Scott Sinclair. 

Helen and Scott, who separated last year, share three children together- eight-year-old Matilda, five-year-old Deliliah and two-year-old Charlie. 

With Christmas right around the corner, Helen has opened up about co-parenting with Scott during the festive holidays and discussed that she is not spending Christmas day with her little ones this year. 

While appearing on Lorraine, which was hosted by Ranvir Singh, earlier today, the former Coronation Street star spoke about how much of a ‘journey’ co-parenting has been. 

Ranvir asked Helen, “So what's happening at Christmas? I know you've split up with your partner and it's all very amicable but you are separate this Christmas aren't you, how is it going to work out?”.

“So yeah, I feel like with co-parenting it is a journey isn’t it”, Flanagan replied. 

“I feel like if everyone was like, ‘Oh yeah we're the best of friends all the time’, I think that would be a lie”.

Helen went on to say, “Me and my ex, you know, we loved each other very much but we’ve got a… well I suppose we're up and down”.

Sharing an insight into her Christmas plans with her children, Helen detailed why she won't be spending Christmas day with them. 

“My kids just love their daddy so much and they are going to him for Christmas for four days. Scott is working in Bristol and he plays football”.

“Then I'm going to go to Bali for 10 days with them for New Year”.

Helen recently divulged more details about spending Christmas away from her children when speaking with Closer. 

The 33-year-old explained, “My children are very close to Scott’s mum – we get on very well – and they live in Bath and I live in Bolton. My children really miss their daddy and they’re very close to their nanna, so they’re going to spend Christmas with them. I won’t have them for about four days”.

“It will actually be the first Christmas that I don’t have my children. I think it’s good to have challenges, and with co-parenting you’ve got to be fair. And it’s not about you, it’s about the children and what makes them happy”.